Selling England by the (Sharia) Pound


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sgtpepperband said:
Oil_Slick said:
...Muslim Labour peer Lord Ahmed said: "This is a positive step for Muslims in Britain but the main reason for doing it is to attract money to the UK from Middle-East investors. Claims that it is connected to terrorist funds are absurd."...

The most relevant statement in that article.

And anyone who thinks that having the Arabs bankrolling UK Plc will not influence government policy is going to get one very rude shock.

Coming soon, 'HMG has decided to stop serving pork products in government establishments to avoid offending muslim sensibilities'…

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thingy said:
..... if that person strongly objected to investments based on usury.

When I first saw the term usury - I think in a Gerald Seymour novel - I looked it up and have been convinced, ever since, that our law should make it unacceptable for money to be loaned at very high rates of interest. If adopting Sharia principles brings this closer, I'm all for it. Just because it is espoused by a particular faith group doesn't necessarily mean it's wrong. If you look at the obscenely rich and see where the majority of their wealth has come from, I'd bet that it is by ripping off the least well off in interest payments.

City people who have managed to pay themselves several billion in bonuses, despite the world slump, only make this more obvious.


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NotmeChief said:
My weekend newspaper hasn't got that much writing in it.

Unlike a conventional bond which is debt-based, a "sukuk" is asset-based. Instead of receiving interest, bond holders receive "rent" on the asset, thereby complying with sharia law.

Complying my arse - they have found a way around it by calling it something else.

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