selling a Falklands Conflict medal.

Discussion in 'Charity' started by BARNEYRNSM, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. A shipmate of mine is after selling his Falklands medal to raise money got to pay for a new water boiler in his house. Long story, was self employed now has a job minimum wage but keeps trying to find a better job,is it worth approaching RBL SSAFA etc for help?
  2. Yes Bud, RNA may be able to help aswell.
  3. Answered on Arrse but for the benefit of anyone in a similar: RNBT mate, follow the link. Grants to Individuals
  4. We are in RNA,we have a look at website to see what help is available,never crossed my mind to try that!
  5. All passed on murky bow caps
  6. RNBT should be able to help as Monty has pointed out, I suggested your local RNA, only because my RMA branch has the ability of helping blokes in the situation your mate is in.
  7. Also depends where he is most of the named above will help they all talk to each others so pick on one close to home so you can have a face to face, or they will point him to the best one to approach. Good luck I have had help from RNBT via SSAFA and from RBL
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  8. Definately aproach SSAFA and the RBL, as an ex SSAFA case worker I can assure you they will do everything to help you. As will the RBL, they are both there for you, and you are entitled to there help. Use them.
  9. Cheers shipmates all passed on
  10. Selling your medal to pay for a boiler is a little sad.
    Try getting some help first. I he sells his gong he will regret it in better times.

    If he is insistent on selling then drop me a line my mate will 'hold' it for him. He can rebuy it back at a later date.
  11. ^Now that's both a gentleman and a scholar!
  12. We are looking at our RNA buying it and him being the custodian,we have plenty in the bank,will let you know the outcome of it,good idea RomneyRanner!
  13. Looks like SSAFA are on the case standby!
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