Self referral PMU?

Hi everyone,

After doing a quick search I couldn’t see anything on this subject.

On my face to face medical the Dr. picked up a 10p sized rash on my forearm I’d never considered it before. TMU me and sent me away to get it NHS treated, which I did. Came back for the limited review, no rash = signed off.

Now 2 weeks on from the medical my rash has come back by 3/4 times the size. I need to go back to the NHS dr. And get it seen to again, the original fix hasn’t worked or something else has kicked off with my skin/reaction.

I know the answer is tell the AFCO and go back to the NHS but it’s just painful knowing if it is anything serious skin related it carries potential bar to entry or 3 year lay off which would put to bed my Navy career.

Does the fact CAPITA signed me off means it’s fine to carry on?

Any advice or anyone been in these shoes?
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As a recruiter, I can confirm that and repeated prescribed eczema or dermatitis treatment is likely to defer medical suitability for service as it indicates a chronic (long term or recurrent) condition and clearly, that can affect employability.

That said, if you can control the condition by self-medication bought over the counter, free from professional medical intervention, then it would indicate it is a minor, manageable issue which is unlikely to affect your ability to work.

The issue is what job you intend undertaking - a technical job that involves working with solvents and lubricants is likely to be a show-stopper unfortunately.
Thanks Ninja_Stoker

Maybe a visit to the pharmacist before jumping to any decisions.

I’m currently in line for Logisitcs, Supply chain. So I’d imagine show stop there.