Self rape


Is it possible to rape yourself?

At about 6 PM this evenign I was sat in the office pondering on the day when I felt an urge to sexually assault myself. I wasn't in the mood and I didn't have a woody.

I took my own hands and agressivley ripped my trollies open and pull out my own genitals and began pumping fcuk out of it.

At this stage I wasn't up for it, so helped the proceedings along by calling myself a dirty little slag and mentioned that I was gagging for it and the sooner I consented the quicker it would be over.

I did make myself climax, but I didn't really enjoy it. I am now sat in a corner feeling sorry for myself wondering if I should call the police.

I have no evidence on my body of an attack and as soon as I shot I forced myself to eat it in order that the evidence be destroyed.

I am getting similar urges again now, but am tired, I might have to visit the knife drawer..

Am I rapist or a victim?

Was I asking for it? Was wearing tight jeans a mistake, am I giving out the wrong signals?
Yep, it's self abuse and self rape. Just remember attempted suicide used to attract the death penalty (rather ironically) and completed suicide was a very serious crime indeed, punishable by... er... death! Self-abuse's just the same... Now had you used a monosock.........
Say five ale thingies and ten wotsits.

And put fifty squid behind the bar and all will be forgiven.

Failing that go visit Wales


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