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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Helios, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. I've just been filling my kit form in so I can send it off today but at the top it asks you to fill in your 'branch' and 'Candidate No'. Now what exactly does it mean by branch? (the trade I'm going into or something else?) And how do I acquire my candidate number? Tried phoning the AFCO but no answer. Can I just send it off without filling those details in and let the people at the office do it?

  2. yes branch is your trade. i woudnt send it in without your number. Wen i joined there were 2 ET watsons in the class me and one other
  3. If its the same as the OCLO use, have a look at the reference used at the top of mail you have received from AFCO - I think you will find the reference number used is your candidate number (it is consistent on every piece of mail I have from them) and was on my original application form.

    It is probably a 9 digit reference - mine starts 47000****

    Wait for Ninja_Stoker to come on line - I'm sure he'll point you in the right direction

    Good luck
  4. It was so much easier in my day, we just signed on.
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    HTP: In your day, you were pressganged and the only kit you had was the shirt on your back... :lol:
  6. Isnt there is an explanation in the pack that was sent with the information? Normally is if you read it carefully enough
  7. Yes, I do have a reference number but I'm not entirely sure whether this is the same as the candidate number. I'll wait for Ninja_Stroker to confirm it or not, and I'll give them another ring tomorrow if I need to. Thanks for pointing that out.

    That's that sorted then, thanks!

    No there isn't. It's a fairly simple form to fill in; I just want to make sure I write in the right information so that I don't send it off only for them to send me it back.
  8. With an X.
  9. I am thinking this may be a mistake letting blokes do there own measurements! How many of you think you have a 9 inch appendage?
  10. Turning the subect onto the W word again eh rosy, tut tut
  11. That is why women can't park cars the think 6 inches is a lot smaller
  12. 9 inches Rosie - I'm not chopping the end off mine for anyone !

    Anyway, you're out of date, that's about 21cm now adays
  13. HMS Raleigh 19 forgotten to death - Slops - Measure your waste and height - given a kit bag -
    Jack dusty (S) piles kit at you - shoe size - boots best and working - one with studs one pair without - daps (plimsoll's for you Dartmouth peeps - things to do sport in pre trainers) one pair deck slippers(cos I was a junior) over 17.5years you didn't get em -
    given two bars of pussers soap - for to do your laundry washing for the next fortnight. - no washing machines spin driers - scrubbing boards and Acme ringers- sign in the bathroom for cleaning teeth by numbers.
    Given cash advance - just enough to buy - Polishing duster for your boots boot polish, blancho for your daps and your part one white gaiters some dhobi dust and starch - and a pack of ten cigs. or another personal treat.
    collect oil skin coat for working rig - so fcuking hard it wore the skin from under your armpits when you marched.
    All civilian clothing - including underwear was parcelled up and returned to your home or NOC address or held in the baggage store for kids from Arethusa and Barnardos etc.
    - the kit inspection at the end of your basic training could mean that you did basic training all again if you failed coz you were back classed.

    Apart from the drill and other "skills" learn how to wash and Iron your clothes no steam irons - (just pussers flat irons that if you left to long you could make toast with). to a template size - that was with 5 or 7 horizontal creases done inside out to a set distance between each crease - not like ironing your trousers.

    The underwear was affectionately know as pussers passion killers most uncomfortable bloody things going - As soon as you finished work get your supper (Galley mess deck was nearly half a mile away from Grenville division huts) - dhobi your nicks and socks - clean up your mess deck for rounds - apply wax polish to to Linoleum and then polish to a immaculate shine with polishing mops - clean out the spit-kid and polish to a mirror finish with metal polish known as "blue bell"

    Bathrooms and showers were cleaned with cleaning paste and the brass taps polished. on compltion so long as you didn't get a rescrub for rounds - you could listen to the radio until 21-30 . Part one trainees didn't get to go to the TV room watch television.

    No worries-
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just got back from my hols....

    OK Candidate Number is sometimes referred to as Unique Reference Number (URN), your URN is on the letter sent with the Kit Self Measurement Form.

    Call it ESP, but I bet yours begins with 355000.... if you're from the area I think you're from.

    If I'm wrong & you started your application by ringing the helpline number 08456 07 55 55, then your URN will begin with 850000....

    When all's said & done, your careers adviser will fill it in for you if you don't know it, so fret not.

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