Self introductions & Ice breaking games?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kinko, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Can someone explain to me what these are in the acquaint course? I don't understand 'Ice Breaking Games'
  2. Ice breaking games are to as the title says break the ice. This helps the group or team get to know each other likes names etc. It's also a fun thing to do to help people who maybe shy or nervous.

    Very useful tool

    I don't know which ones they do at the aquaint I'm afraid
  3. Ha, I hate stuff like that. I get real nervous about self introductions ect.. but the ice games sound fun.
  4. They can be a laugh especially if well led. When I taught the Prince's Trust Volunteers Programme later named Prince's Trust Team Programme. During the first week we did lots of Ice Breaker Games.
  5. Erm, there's not actually any ice involved.

    Edit: kinko not tommo
  6. You don't say lol
  7. Self introductions lol, like your name, age ect..?
  8. You have to get naked for some of the ice-breaking - it helps everyone feel equal.
  9. Yes sort of. Usual done involving some form of activities. A simple one is passing balls around in a circle calling the name of the person you are throwing to. This tries to get you put faces to the names helps remember them.

    Other ones can be pairing off and writing stuff about the person you're pairing off and then introducing them to the rest and the other person introduces you.
  10. Sport is always a good ice-breaker
  11. If the icebreaker does its job you wont even know it was one. :bball: Just relax kinko and be yourself it'll be fine. Its a time for you to enjoy :)
  12. Kinko, are you up in Faslane in two weeks?
  13. Nah man, I got my tests in a few weeks tho.
  14. lol that part is funny u have to stand up infront of each other and speek about urself :)
    and also u have to pick a word out of a bag and speek about it for a minet :) quite amusing what some people end up saying lol :)
  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You'll be fine, just so long as you don't have to spell it out :dwarf:
  16. No games of soggy biscuit or freckles?

    Was looking forward to taking digestives and beer mats.
  17. phew theres no chance ill be eating the biscuit!

    anyone up to scotland on there aquaint course on the 20th? Im kinda shy and get scared about ice breaking games and such.
  18. I'm the same, but you have to overcome it if you want to be in the navy.
  19. I'm there than sammy.

    Where you going from?
  20. im coming from oxford fella, hows about yourself? you got a join date?

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