Self-harm and suicide attempts while serving


I am asking this for a loved one who is currently 11 years into their naval career. My close friend over the last year has self-harmed multiple times while serving and attempted suicide as well (probably 2 times the navy knows about, but more accurately has tried 6-7 times). Has been arrested and charged with assault, but the case was not called as the victim left the country and without her testimony, the case could not go on. He denies the charges, but there was overwhelming proof.

He has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. And has decided to fight the diagnosis, and not take his medication any longer. He has had two episodes where he has heard voices and saw people who were not there as well (one of which the navy knows about I believe). After being arrested he was sectioned to a mental health hospital, where he stayed for four months. During that time, he self harmed to the point of needing repeated surgeries to fix the damage he caused himself. Stopped eating and drinking in order to commit suicide. And tried to hang himself.

He is facing the medical boards soon, and I am just wondering what the likelihood is that he will be able to save his job?

Despite my personal feelings for my friend, I truly do not believe he is fit to serve. And due to his ability to lie and manipulate situations and people (even the navy it seems), I am worried he may not get the mental health help he desperately needs.

I would hazard a guess he, at the very least, will be binned from boats as he's a liability and a danger to the boat and everyone in it.
He has been on shore and his security clearance changed so he cant even go near the subs for the last year. He faces the boards this fall. But his commander has basically said to start looking for a civil job

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