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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Mr-Bean, Jan 17, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys.
    I was wondering if you guys could recommend any good styles.
    Am not much of a fighter but am sick to death of the chavs picking fights with me.
  2. Traditional Jujitsu is good for some simple dirty streetfighting
  3. Thanks very much for the reply.
    Am going to check this style out.
  4. i have done wado ryu karate for many a year good stuff all about self defence not attacking should suit you well.
  5. Mate if for street fighting Krav Maga

    Comps etc MMA, ju-jit-su
  6. Personally I think that how good the instructor is is far more important that what style; There are plenty of good ones and which one suits you will depend on both your body and your philosophy. I do Itf / chang hon Tae Kwon Do which I would recommend to anyone. But I think that the best advice I can give you is-

    --Try everything- most places will give you a couple of trial lessons free, rember that you will probably invest a lot of time effort, and cash.

    --Make sure that they at least include, if not emphasize the psychological aspects, as an example TKD includes 5 'tennets'; Courtesy, integrity,self control, perseverance, and indomitable spirit- anyone showing a lack of any of them is likely to be kicked out. You cant respect an instructor if it's apparent hes just a trained thug!

    --If they give money more than a passing mention in the first lesson, don't come back. The best instructors leave the money and the training as seperate as possible. If they are trying to push you towards things like equipment, uniform and private lessons that are 'required' to progress, then they are most likley to be cash orientated. Likewise if equipment can only be ordered through them, or they insist on certain types. The one exception to this is insurance- after about 4 weeks you are normally required to be insured, though this should not be too expensive (about £30 pa).

    As you can probably guess- I've ran into my fair share of Excellent, mediocre and just fcuking fraudulent instructors; but when you have a good one and a style you enjoy it is excellent! So I hope you find one you like.
  7. I did Kong Chang -chinese ''karate'' in Singapore
    all self defence and definately aligned to the ''5 tenets'' as mentioned.

    Good training got very fit and a lot of self confidence from it.

    As mentioned go to watch then try it if you want to.

    G :fish:
  8. I always thought Tai Kwon Do was a good system....
  9. While I understand your desire to stand up to mongs who maybe picking on you, if you're intending to begin the Recruitment process it may be wiser to employ the ancient martial art of Wal-k-aw-ay and/or Av-oid Fer-kwits.
    If you get into a bit of fisticuffs and the Police become involved you may find that the chavmongs claim that you attacked them in a bid to keep their noses clean. if as a result of this you end up in Court you could end up with an (Undeserved.) conviction and also loose the dream of serving in the RN, therefore you're in a no win situation if you resort to the way of the fist.
    Besides it would take a while before you were competent enough to take on anyone but a willing training partner.
    My advice is
    A) Avoid the hangouts of the twunts if you can.
    B) Walkaway from taunts, it's only words.
    C)Only resort to force if it can't be avoided.
  10. Just to add, for comps it's Brazilian Jujitsu, rather than traditional Jujitsu.

    OP, make sure if you do join a jujitsu club that it doesn't revolve around Katas and making the techniques look nice, but rather on making sure that you can apply a technique properly no matter how you get to that stage.

    But I'd take NZ_Bootneck's advice greatly into account if I were you.
  11. Some good advice there, however there is one sport that will guarantee your protection in more street/pub scraps: boxing.

    I've done Systema for years,MMA for about 3 years had a go at krav maga. Still wouldn't want to go up against a good technically minded boxer. He'll take you head off on the street, has developed reflexes quick enough to respond to sucker punches and isn't scared of taking a couple of taps.

    I've twatted a few so called martial artists in my time and they almost all cry like babies when you show them their own blood. Added to that you'll be way fitter than most people.

    edited for mong spelling
  12. NZB

    That is excellent advice.

    The strange thing is that candidates in processing who have been fighting and consider themselves "hard", often weep bitterly when they discover what the consequences of a potential conviction might be for their careers in the Royal Navy.
  13. Also being used to somebody else trying to smash you will make you more prepared for a street situation.
  14. I personally train in K-1, it works for me and I enjoy it. Some good advice on here generally, I personally look for things that allow me to spar, I want things that work rather than look pretty and this is one of the best controlled ways of testing it. Then again if it's street application Krav Maga looks very interesting although I must say I've never trained in it, but the principles seem good, who cares what it looks like make it simple and devastating. Western Boxers have got the best hands going and it will get you fairly used to taking a shot, will also be great phys for joining up.
    Although NZB advice is probably some of the most important if you are actually think about giving someone a smack, you should also resaerch the UK's self defence laws for if you ever do get pulled up.
  15. Some good advice posted.

    I'm in the process of trying to get into the RN and like somebody posted, first and foremost try to avoid the idiots all together. If you do manage to defend yourself and get the better of them, they will play both sides of the coin and go whinging to the police even though they may of instigated the attack.

    I've done various styles since 1997, including Ninjustu, Kickboxing, Yawaru-Jui Jitsu, Atemi-Jitsu, bit of Thai-boxing, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, MMA and bits of no-gi grappling and boxing. I also know a very good Kali and Escrima instructor (basically knife and stick fighting).

    Like has been mentioned before, its not just the style you train in, its very much the instructor you go with. I've trained with some great instructors and also a couple of very disillusioned ones as well over the years.

    I'd advise you to try a mixture and see what works best for you. If its street defense your interested in, and you were pressed for time and could only train in a maximum of 2 arts I would say go for boxing and a grappling art (i.e. BJJ, judo or wrestling).

    Lots of martial arts clubs out there profess to teach proper street defense when in fact what they teach will probably get you arse raped or killed in a real situation. You do need to pressure test what you learn to prove that it is effective; in other words some hard sparring with non-compliant partners now and again. If you have never ever been hit hard in training or had somebody try to squeeze the life out of you, then if it happens in a real live situation you could find yourself wilting very quickly because you are simply not mentally equipped to deal with it.
  16. I find the best form of self defence is to get naked, start running around while punching yourself in the face. Who ever is starting on you will think you are a mentalist and steer well clear.

    It works for me anyway.

    Failing that, knives seem to be the in thing for cool kids to carry these days, especially in the Brixton area.
  17. Thank fcuk you commented 2 deck good advice there is nowt more scary than a naked nutter

    also i would like to add get a skinhead and some DM's no one will look twice at your facist mug anymore
  18. Yep, since I went bald no fucker has so much as looked at my pint let alone called it a poof. :D
  19. Wont it be best to go on the MMA forums or cage fighting forums than asking on a Royal Navy forum, where im pretty sure they are going to have alot more experience than chopping planks of wood, or breaking blocks.

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