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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by JOCKEY, Sep 3, 2008.

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  1. Saw a photo of a "veteran" watching 40 Cdo RM march through Taunton green beret on medals up the Campaign service Medal, LSGC(RN) then three of these medals you can buy yourself!! keep getting e-mail from "Red Baron" offering the "commando service cross" amongst others i have seen ex RM wearing these medals at rememberance re-unions funerals etc (usually in photos) What do people think of these so-called medals? I find them very sad indeed and this is one of the things that keep me away from re-unions etc and i can remember very well without attending any service or parade. Since leaving the corps i have lost far more oppos to enemy action plus literally hundreds of "locals" both iraqi and Afghan These fake medals should be banned (at least from being worn)
  2. Just been to the Red Baron's site and was quite surprised. With my sheltered upbringing I did not know this sort of thing went on - or should I say "What a load of b0llox !"

    I'm quite happy to wear the medals they gave me but would I buy one ? - No.
    And I don't think others should buy them or wear them either.

    Downunder the equivalent of the British Legion is the Returned and Services League. The RSL salute is to place the right hand over any medals worn (not, as many think, over the heart). The inference is quote "No matter what honours we may have been awarded they are as nothing compared with the honour due to those who paid the supreme sacrifice".
  3. Jockey WTF are you rabbiting on about?
  4. You are not allowed to wear these medals with your Govenment/HM The Queens issue medals.The companies selling/minting these medals should issue this "health warning"
    I had my medals cleaned and remounted by the Worcester Medal company
    (as advertised in the Navy News, Soldier, etc) and they issue this health warning for self awarded/bought medals.
  5. There are quite a few of these companies that sell commemorative medals, that are advised not normally to be worn in line with UK or any authorised (by HMQ on recommendation of the HD committee) foreign awarded medals.
    But these can still be worn either below the official medals or on the left side of the body.

    However, some may well wear those from other nations that have been awarded for past service - the Malaysian PJM for one, the Malta 50 & 60th and the Russian Convoy medals are others.

    There is a royal assent, dating back to the 1960s, that allows foreign medals to be worn by persons not in Crown Service (though the 'persons' in the HD committee are strongly denying this!), and it may be these that some retired servicemen/women are wearing.

    But having said that, Arsse has a very long thread, or two, about people wearing medals that are not officially awarded - I believe the term they use is WALTS ... ;)

    Don't forget that T Bliar will be one of these WALTS , who is going to be 'awarded' a Congressional Medal for his 'services' to the USA !! :pukel:
  6. Like Tanzi, I thought this sort of thing didn't go on. I'm amazed it isn't illegal. It's almost as bad as someone impersonating a TROG. :oops: (...but not quite).
  7. Official line is as many have stated
    comemerative medals are not to be worn alongside official awards,foreign decorations can only be worn after permission is sought from land/admiralty.
    The only up to date foreign medals I am aware of that can be worn are foreign bravery awards officially sanctioned for wear by HM .
    Also Canadian ,New Zealand and Australian medals awarded for prior service (worn on far right of UK issued gongs)due to the fact that these are sanctioned by HM as she is officially the head of their armed forces too.
  8. How can he be classed as a walt if he has actually been awarded the award? Walts are classed as those who pretend to have served when the truth is they've been no where near an issued uniform.
  9. same goes for the saudi and kuwati medals issued to all who went in 91 wasnt it?
  10. I thought I would stick my comment in as this is a subject that is often spoken about down my British Legion (just last week in fact).
    I'm in the RauxAF (no slurs please) and out of everyone I drink with I'm one of the few people still serving.
    One of the guys brought a medal leaflet in from Bigbury Mint and was trying to get people to buy medals. He bought the commemorative Queens Jubilee Medal and by the time you add on court mounting etc it cost him £60! His words to evryone was 'we're entitled to these medals.'
    My reply was 'If the UK Govt wanted me to have a medal they'd present me with one, free of charge, not expect me to buy it. You can buy a VC if you want, doesn't entitle you to wear it!'
    Strangely enough, they guys are all ex-TA, older chaps who served when the TA didn't call you up.
    This sudden interest in medals started when some of the serving members (including myself) turned up at Remembrance Sunday with an Iraq medal on.
    I'm a bit concerned that people are buying the Official Jubilee Medals for 1977 and 2002 and wearing them.
    There, I'm off my soap box now!
  11. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I know of at least one currently serving matelot who is wearing the 2002 Jubilee medal that he isn't entitled to-I know this because I joined up with the lad and we missed out on the 5 year qualification period by a few weeks. He was the same age as me when he joined up (straight from school more or less) and has had no prior involvement with cadets etc.

    Why you'd want to wear a medal that you're not entitled to is beyond me but obviously there are enough pathetic people out there to provide business to these various companies...
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's a funny old conundrum the medals issue. At first I always used to get rather miffed with ex-servicemen buying imaginary commemorative medals & the guys arguing the toss over the right to wear the PJM medal despite the fact they were already given a medal or clasp. Fact is, they're proud to have served & most of us know which ones are official or otherwise anyway.

    Then of course there's those that argue that there are people awarded campaign medals for serving hundreds of miles from the sharp end. (For example when people in UK throughout the conflict were awarded South Atlantic medals, I later advised my Dad to claim Gulf Medals as his armchair at home in England was closer to the scud threat than any bugger in London was endangered during the Falklands conflict.) Since then, my views have mellowed & it's accepted their devoted efforts helped the final outcome- it wasn't the risk involved, it was the contribution.

    It was ever the case & doubtless will evermore be a bone of contention, so I have no answer other than to say the only medal that feels earned was the South Atlantic one, for me.

    The ones that really count, in my opinion are the ones awarded for individual, singled-out acts of courage.

    The ones that still irk are those awarded to individuals because they are supposedly of social standing because they are a weathy pop star, footballer or other head of commerce & politics who reap the financial rewards without personal risk and hardship and then earn a medal for their 'trouble' & contributions to charity from other people's money. I'd rather ex-servicemen wear imaginary medals, frankly- it annoys me less.

  13. Oh well stated Ninj.
    Though I would not personally wear a medal to which I was not entitled,
    I do appreciate that there are "grey" areas, where people have served in a situation, possibly in more danger than others who are "entitled" to a medal on an arbitrary time award basis.
    I also think that the awards to people such as Matt Croucher, and the lads on the heroic helo exped, should be held apart from the multitude of jobsworths collecting their "gongs" for umpteen years of selfless endeavour in ripping off the public.
    These people are special, and should be seen to be so.
    Of such stuff our boyhood heroes were made.
    Long may their like be produced by our country.

  14. And your point is ?

    As I said he is being awarded a medal for services to the US that our troops (maybe yourself) carried out, and in some cases were killed or maimed.

    To accept an honour for something you didn't really qualify for - is that not also being a walt ?

    The term has various meanings (try Wikipedia for a beginning):

    a. " ... often ineffectual person who indulges in fantastic daydreams of personal triumphs" -- this could also be referring to our current PM and certainly did to his predecessor !!

    b. A Tory MP who gave a rather backhanded compliment to the outgoing PM " ... despite the deep disillusionment of his fellow countrymen with his premiership, an optimism .... (factual blindness perhaps ?? my comment) " -- which could also be referring to our current PM and some of his cabinet.

    But, we all have our viewpoints, and at the moment we are all free enough to disagree/agree as we wish with anyone else.

  15. Surely you're not alluding to some of our esteemed Civil Serpents - who selflessly give of their time for the betterment of the lads and lasses in uniform..... ??
  16. hi,new to this , but my father served in singapore 3 comando in the late sixtys early seventies, and was wondering would he have been entiled to any medals etc, as he has recently passed away i would like them as a momento,servved 4.5 years in RM, signed up in DEAL , any help appreciated
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hi & welcome, sorry to hear of your Fathers' passing. Try the Veterans Agency Website

    Good luck
  18. Congratulations on your K Whitemouse ;)
  19. Why Thank you kindly Steve.

    Sir (usually spelt 'Cur') W.Mouse GSM GW1 LSComp CDM VD*Scar

  20. Is this not like when CO's are awarded medals in afgahn/iraq. They are not the ones that really earn the medals. Yes they are there and yes they do command. But it is the lads who really earn them there medals (i heard the CO of 'the vikings' say this).

    Yes the lads on the ground earnt him the medal, but i woudl say it is harsh to call him a walt the americans are giving him. I dont think he has told them he personally took basra.

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