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Discussion in 'RMR' started by carl, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I'm new to this site and I have a question, I went to a presentation evening a few weeks ago and was told there is no such thing as a selection weekend anymore, its just a run on a tredmil for 1.5 miles in around 10 minutes. Does anyone know if this is for real? I really dont want to doubt what the instructors told us but it just doesn't make sense really not to have a selection weekend as any fat barsteward can get under 10 mins on a tredmil. From that would you go straight into the first weekend?

  2. i think what they were trying to explain is you cant do the selection weekend until you've done the PJFT (pre joining fitness test) which is a mile and a half on a treadmill in 10 minutes 40 or less (i think). Assuming you pass that, the basic written test and the medical, you're free to carry on and do the selection weekend (which your instructors can give you more details about)
  3. Carl, which RMR det. is this? fingers crossed I'll be near Poole in October.
    I thought you went to the PT evenings before the selection weekend to prepare for it
  4. bitty I was at the presentation evening on the 5th of april at Bristol (poole comes under this) so there start date will be the same (september time). I asked about selection weekends and they said with the new format, there is definately not a selection weekend, there idea is to get more people to start training, but to expect a lot more people to drop out in the early stages.
  5. so will they just say right your ready for phase 1a now or something, because uni wont start till october for me can i just turn up becasue when i was with RMR london 2 blokes turned up about 2 months before selection 2 months after the intro's etc
  6. I dont know, I'm going to ask my AFCO in the coming weeks then post up what he says. I am also looking to start uni in sept, what det. of rmr london you going for? I'm going for henley. you will need to go to a presentation evening at the least, then they will take it from there because you need to apply etc
  7. I was at Henley too! but I was too light and failed the med. the staff are good there. but I'm going to uni in Bournemouth so I need to get my arse to RMR Poole
  8. you still have to pass a beasting weekend where you will be tested to PRMC standard and if you dont do well enough you will be told to come back next time, before you can start phase 1 otherwise you're wasting their time. so in essence it's still a selection weekend but without the some of the bits listed on the RN website like all the tests,medical and interviews because they are now carried out at the afco :wink:

    also carl id ask you're local rmr unit as in my experience the afco's know a lot less about the rmr than they should do.
  9. Will do iceman.

    bitty when were you at Henley? Do you know how many guys they have in holding troop at the moment? Or how many guys start training, just at Henley each intake (not whole of RMR London)? What is Henley det. like (facilities)? Has it got a gym, lecture rooms? Anything else?
  10. I was at Henley from July to November when I was there was about 7-16 turn up a evening but apprently there was like around 25 of us in the holding troop booked for meds. interviews,etc and about 8 passed selection .

    Henley has a club(not like a disco)/bar, theres lockers/changing rooms but since your in the holding troop you wont get one and some times you have to change where the toliets/showers are
  11. Why did you leave? If its becuse of your medical how are you planning on passing the medical for Poole? Did you apply? I posted my application on Monday, do you know how long it will take them to get back to me? Will you go back to holding troop at henley, to like prepaire you for poole? I should be starting holding troop after my exams (june). How long did it take you to get the medicals and interivew etc? I got a email ffrom Henley today saying selection for Henlely (and pos RMR London) will be on first week of Oct.
  12. I just need to be over 60kg I'm like 57KG but when I had my med. i was like 53KG all that cardio burns off. did they email you when they where holding troop again? for Poole I'm just doing wieghts and eating more pretty much.
  13. Yeah but I mean you can join holding troop at henley until uni in sept, then join poole when you go to uni. thats what im doing, most probably joining holding troop at bristol beacuse its closer to my home, but when i go to uni ill transferring to henely when training starts, its ok to do this iv spoken to them. they are running holding troop as of now!
  14. i'm not sure I can rejoin again till i reach the 60kg> of body weight, when I phoned up the sgt. he said I cant do any PT because I'm not up to entry standards or something allong those lines because of health and safty or something like that
  15. 53kg, jeez mate,

    We had a guy who scraped through with 60kg and he is one of the littlest men i have ever seen.

  16. I dont know my fate with uni yet so I might join up Henley again if I have to take a year out :? but if I do get in I'll prob. join half way through my first year to survey my time and take a year out before my BA top up year 3(if the people on there are cnuts). so this will give me time to sort out my wieght and joints


    you think thats bad! when I was 17 I was like 46KG before i took protien supplements and creatine and was a stranger to the gym
  17. Yes do it lol join Henley, then everyone wont be a complete stranger to me! I have to arrange an interivew and a look round Henley soon.

    How far do you live from Henley detachement?
  18. I live in Reading its like 20 mins away from where I live but its a realy awfull journey via car and for the train you have to change at Tyford. I may move out to the south west any way and have a job till I can get on too uni again
  19. Thats nothing, I live in oxford and would need to change at reading and twyford.
  20. eeekkk looks like I didnt get into uni I checked on UCAS I'll find out what they have to say in writting when they send the letter :? now all I have do is pass my current course and find a job possitive side is I wont be broke :) RMR here I come not sure which det. I'm going to yet because I'm moving out

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