Selection Weekend ?


I Have recently had & passed all of my joining Tests(medical, Interview, Eyetest, PJFT etc) I have also been attending holding troop at Livedet..

Just a quick quessy... When selection weekend comes around, does anyone know where it is held ? & how similar is it to the PRMC.

Oh yeah something else i've been meaning to ask is. What dental checks do you recieve in the RMR as up to now i havent had any... I know that i need work doing on my teeth but have used all my holidays from work up.

Thanks all who read
the sleection weekend for Mersey is held in LivDet.

iv just started phase 2 and i am yet to hear anyone mention anything dental related.

it is supposed to be as similar as possible to PRMC but not every Det has a cheeky bottom field round the back. phys tests are: BFT, situps, press ups, chins. also a swim test, nothing mega, 2 legnths in combat pants and shirt then pass them out at the end without touching sides.

there is also a gym circuit aswell but its not a test.

and then of course there are written tests, interviews and medicals for those who havnt done them. those who have already done them will be sitting off for a good while. plus a couple of interest lectures i think.


Thanks for all the info Halford.

do you stay at Livdet for the weekend or do you have to attend each day ?

I have actually passed a PRMC a while back & we had to clean all our accommodation & the kit we used, ready for a mini inspection in the morning do they do any of this..

Thanks again for all the info.
you stay in camp beds in class rooms on fri and sat nights.

the rooms need to be kept tidy and clean obviously, but there are no formal inspections.

also another thing that cocked up my plans for the selection weekend, you are not permitted to park your car in the unit, so make sure you have an alternative mode of transport!

good luck.


ok Cheers Halford..

We Had a Dental check on our PRMC last time i applied & they told you if needed any work doing, it doesnt look like you get one for the RMR.

I was one of the three people at holding troop last week... Seen you all in your new Cap Comforters Rushing about into the changing rooms whilst we were getting in the way.. lol

I will be there tonight (wonder if more than 3 people will turn up this time)..
what month is your selection weekend then miffta?

yeh ill be there tonight, ill be the one in the DPM.

seeing as it is only march, 3 isnt that small a number, it will get much bigger as you approach selection weekend.


I think selection weekend is sometime in September. you'll be getting near the end of your basic training by then I presume...

We came in to watch your inspection last night, Couldnt tell which one you were though.

We were also speaking to 2 recruits on the way out was you one of them?
if you were i was the one who wasnt asking about 7000 questions. lol

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