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Discussion in 'RMR' started by Getfit, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. Alright chaps, just looking to see if anyone is going on the selection weekend for RMR Scotland and any pointers would be great!

    What is the pass mark?

  2. Alright Mate and welcome to RR.

    Ive been going to attend the selection weekend more time than Paris Hiltons had her legs open lately, but unfortunately family problems has prevented me from doing so.

    I hope to feck however, that I will be able to jump on the November course. If not im 99% sure I will be on the next Recruit Troop after that.

    I know the aprox pass marks, but for accurate info you should ask the AFCO when you fill in your EOI form. Unless one of the Recruits or Trained Ranks on here on here knows the exact details.
  3. Pass mark for us was 12/24, based on the written and physical tests.

    They didn't give much away about pass marks, more just told us to put 100% in and let them worry about numbers.
  4. Thats makes sense 1ManRiot just give 100%. I have been doing the holding troop nights at Glasgow which have been real good for the prep of the selection weekend.

    Just had to ask the guys on the forum (street) what to expect!

    Thanks guys and hope you get on it Spenny.

  5. ^ everyone who turned up passed selection for RMR Merseyside, that was 50 or so men. I think you know if you're fit enough or not. If you're doing alright in holding troop, you'll be laughing. The idea is that you're not fit enough to be a marine, but fit enough to train to be as fit as a marine.
  6. This is sound advice. The idea of the course is to build a recruit up to a standard whereby he is eligable to go down and do the RFCC. I have been actively involved in these weekends in the past and looked for the obvious levels of fitness aswell as a good attitude towards the training staff and the ability to work as a team. The idea is to "shine" and prove to the powers at be that you want the green lid and will go the whole way.


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