Selection this Weekend.....nervs kicking in??

Discussion in 'RMR' started by TheRust, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Alright peeps!

    Selection weekend is this weekend, im more anxious than nervous. Ive been training really hard and my career in the armed forces all depends on this weekend.... all my family are expecting high standards of me, i just hope i dont fail them cause ill feel like a massive failure if i do.... anybody else feel like that when they went for selection?
  2. hey Rust
    just remember do your best. if you try hard and show determination doesnt matter if you come top in all tests.
    there was a guy on selction a couple of years ago who really was mega fit , they failed him coz he was just cruising on all the phys plus he didnt help or encourage any of the weaker candidates.
    remember the training team / selectors are looking for potential not a fully trained underwater knifefighter !!!!!
    push hard , harder , harder yet !!!!
  3. Top guy, thanks mate! I might struggle on the phys, but i wont struggle giving someone a kick *********** if theyre slacking haha!!
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Good luck Rust, believe in yourself.

    I'll probably be there myself this weekend. It'll be easy to spot me- I won't be joining in with the physical aspects & will be the one that has not worked up a sweat, however believe me, I want you to pass as much as you all do.
  5. Last night i couldnt sleep, its not even the end of the week yet!
    Thanks Ninja mate. Im sure if i give it my all i shouldnt have a problem.
  6. Hey Rust! i know how you feel Mate, I Feel the Same.
    Its on my mind most of the time, and if it's not on my mind it's still there in back of my mind 24/7.

    It doesnt help, not having holding troop for weeks beforehand either. coz that gives you a bit of confidence in yourself.

    Are you going to holding troop tonight?
    if you are i'll see you there mate!.
  7. Yeah mate, im there tonight, it'll be good to get back and see some of the lads again..... do you think they'll put us through some hard Phys tonight?
  8. They more than likely will, I seriously doubt the PTI will be like, "arhh poor little potential nods lets give them an easy phys session!" We had our Phase 1 final exercise at the weekend, the drill night the Wed before we were up and down the ropes, then sprints then straight into an awesome but relatively short twenty minute circuit

    The circuit was ace however we worked it out that we did something ridiculous like 120 squats in just over two minutes! I am glad to say that it wasn't just my legs that were fcuked for the weekend.

    Hoofing last ex though!

    After the phys rest up for the week, the weekend is long and you may not get that much sleep due to sleeping on the gym floor with thirty odd blokes ect However it is good fun and passing is certainly achievable.

    Good luck to you both!
  9. Cheers Beowulf, you seem fit as a fiddle to be doing 120 squats in silly times mate!!! hope i can achieve that fitness sometime soon.... will keep you posted on how i do on the weekend.
  10. Not too nervous, just a formality we have to go through. I know nerves will kick in on the fitness tests though.

    This lovely blister isn't going to help me much either!!

  11. Can anyone remember the test max scores??

    IIRC, it is along these lines:
    Situps (2 mins) = 80
    Pushups (untimed) = 61 or failure
    Burpees (1 min) = 41
    WG Pullups (untimed) = 18 or failure
    300m sprint = worst permissable time = 59 secs??
    1.5 miles group run straight into 1.5 miles best effort = can't remember exactly, but best effort time needs to be sub 9 mins 30
  12. :w00t:

    Mate, come back when you've lost all your toe nails. Twice. :thumright:

    Good luck. :dwarf:
  13. Good luck guys.. You know its worth it..

    If it were that easy everyone would do it..
  14. Hello 1Man

    I thought it was...
    situps=85 in 2 mins
    pushups=60 untimed (if you pause for more than 4 secs you are stopped)
    burpees=45 in 1 min
    chins (prone grip(palms face away)=18
    6x50 metre sprints=(not sure on the time, but I thought they're looking for 45 secs)
    1.5 squad run, then 1.5 in under 10 mins
    level 10 bleep test
    swim test

    (but I'm not 100% sure either)

    All you can do is give 100% effort mate and you should be ok.

    (good luck bud)
  15. So everyone passed then (except those who failed meds or bailed anyway!)

    Nice work!
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Whilst I was there on saturday, all those required to sit the Recruiting Test passed & from what recall there are one or two who have yet to be passed medically fit as information is required from either their GP or from their former service (if they're ex-service).

    Not sure how many failed to complete the physical aspects of the selection weekend.
  17. None mate, everyone passed.
  18. Two priceless memories I'll never forget from that weekend:

    (1)-Invading the local public swimming baths with PT instructor and us lot while OAP's had their early morning swim.

    (2)-PT instructor hurling verbal support to some poor local who happened to be going for a jog through the park while we were finishing our 3 miler.

    On the down side, I've just been told by my AFCO that despite getting top marks in the selection I might not be able to attend the weekend at Merseyside 21st / 23rd as I won't have passed security clearance. :(
    Anyone else experiencing the same problem from this troop?
  19. Was you there Ninja? Are you a bootneck?
  20. Was you there Ninja? Are you a bootneck?

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