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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by thepercyboy, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. I've just returned from ctc where I was staying in normandy block's 5 star overspill accomodation next to and above 1 and 2 troop of hunter company. There i saw some blokes who have been there since i joined the RMR nearly 2 years ago who still have their blue beret on. I'm all for what hunter is about, it's essential in any sensible persons mind but I have to ask. Is it becoming the case that due to a lack of guys passing out of training that more guys are passing selection who really aren't up to the job and spending huge lengths of time in hunter then being MD'd? I was speaking to a bandy based at ctc who tells me soon hunter company will be hunter brigade, if that's true then it must be time to ring the alarm bell? :whew:
  2. The set up at CTC to help people recuperate and get back into training is second to none, for years a lot of people have spent a long time at CTC in Hunter Troop. Remember years ago we never did PRMC so the failure rates were even higher...the system appears to be working.

    Just why would you think that the "Bandy" would know the full story, did you not think of asking someone from the Training teams?
  3. I agree that's why i am asking if this brigade chat is true which from your response i gather is balls.
  4. Wouldn't say its balls, but you never know.. :thumright:
  5. The Corps spends a lot of money on guys who, with a little remedial training, are capable of passing out.
    The initial expenditure ie Recruitment Process, Initial Kit Issue and then Training until the incident that put them into Hunter Troop probably outweighs any savings that would be made by binning a man who still is capable given time to heal properly.
    I passed out ('80, "Oh where's me Zimmer frame Nurse.") with a guy who'd been in Hunter Troop and various RN/Civvy Hospitals for 2 years, prior to joining my Troop just before Test Week.

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