Selection question

Apologies if this has ben dealt with elsewhere...

I first contacted my prospective unit about joining as a Direct Entry Officer back in March. I took (and passed) my AIB at the end of October and everything was fine in the subsequent medicals in early December. I am now "awaiting selection". Can anyone give me any idea how long this period normally lasts? At what point do I assume that (for whatever reason) I have not been, and won't be, selected? Am I likely to hear anything before my 'anniversary' of first expressing interest comes around? Keen to get going now!

Many thanks for any help,

At present we do not have a selection procedure for officers entering the RNR after AIB, unlike the RN. Go to your unit and let them know you passed your AIB. Take your AIB pass letter with you. Your unit should have received details that you have been entered into the RNR as an Officer Cadet and the rate at which you are to be paid at (A/S/LT). PM me for more info.

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