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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by geordie_dan, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. I have been invited to the psychometric test for entry.
    I'm just wondering if this involves the formal interview, medical or anything other than really just taking a test. Cheers
  2. For putting the letters 'lol' in your post, you are now my least favourite person and shall subsequently become a target for my abuse.
  3. there its gone... now back to the question... :) (do smiley faces offend you aswell?)
  4. :roll: Not as much as Daft Geordie Wanabee Wafus :wink: :wink:
  5. Dargh. Would anybody care to help me? :)
  6. Right im not in the best of moods today,

    But come on. use your head and read the letter, it will tell you what your going in for, what you need to take etc. If it only says your going in for the RT. Then what do you think you'r going in to do !?
  7. Easy mate. I was just wondering. I like to confirm these things so I can be prepared for everything and I assumed those people who had done it before would be able to confirm it for me.
  8. As i said, not the best of moods :oops: . Dont worry, i was pretty much the same as you going through selection.
  9. Seen as though as i am in a good mood as its easter and am going to london for the weekend to get pissed here you go.
    The RN Recruiting Test assesses your intellectual ability to successfully complete phase two (trade) training for each branch.

    Different trades have different pass marks- the more technical the training the higher the pass mark. Understandably, the technical jobs require significantly higher marks in mathematics, so it's worth revising fractions, decimals, percentages, areas, basic equations and suchlike.

    The issue with the recruiting test is that the questions themselves aren't much harder than an average 11+ multiple choice test paper (honestly!), particularly the verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning & mathematics sections. The main issue is you are VERY limited on time- that's what makes it difficult, so you MUST practice against the clock. Don't think because you have a grade A* GCSE that you will definitely pass without practising- it's not uncommon for people with A Levels to fail the test.

    Good luck.
  10. cheers. yeah Ive got some books from the library and been timing myself and such...
  11. The main reason why i was wondering if i had a formal interview or medical etc. on the same day providing i passed the test was to know whether i would have to cram all the info about the history of the Navvy etc. in before that date instead of learning it at a nicer pace.
  12. No just the thought of excess alcohol and Easter leave the touching will come later on with some dirty in a strip club.

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