Selection interview

I have my interview coming up for the Air Engineering technician and was just after a bit of information. For example -how long is phase two training? -where is phase two training? -how long term of service is? The usual pay after completing phase two? -application process take. How long before you're likely to start initial training? First post so please be nice :)


I recently had my AET interview and passed so here's the info I used which (should be) right:
Phase 2- 22 weeks at HMS Sultan before moving to either RNAS Yeviltan or Culdrose
Return of service is 18 years or until aged 40, whichever comes latest
Wasn't asked about pay after but initial pay which I said was 14,*around*900, I had it written down somewhere so can't remember the exact amount


Was asked what kind of things you do at Raleigh- I went down to AFCO a few weeks beforehand and had an outline of it all which helped massively

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