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Would this be good to read through for my selection interview. Or have I have I rambled to much ?

I chose to go to George Spencer School when I was in year 6 at primary school. I had good attendance and punctuality; I achieved 4 GCSE’s in maths, food technology and business. My favourite subjects at school were maths and business. I did like playing football and rugby in PE and I was in the inter form team for rugby. I related well to my teachers and had lots of friends. I still know my friends from primary school and go out with them. I also go running with my friend. I carefully chose my college and my course in automotive technology. I really enjoyed my course. I like figuring out how something has gone wrong and how I can repair it. My mum always remembers me taking things apart and trying to put them back. I then went on to university to begin a BSc in motorsport technology and I did enjoy it and completed a year, gaining a university certificate. I learnt valuable skills but in the second year it was more on the computers and doing things unrelated to motorsports technology. I like to be more hands on but can do theory. My parents have been very supportive of me all through my education; they are very pleased at me passing my qualifications.
I have had 9 jobs since 17 years old; most of these jobs have been temporary. I have liked all my jobs but wished they were longer. I have had my most recent job 7 months and have really enjoyed it. I started working at service air taking bags off planes for passengers. I also had to drive tugs and did wing walking. I’m with the same agency but working for royal mail and really enjoy my job and get on with everyone at work. I hate not having anything to do so I always look for jobs to do to keep myself busy. We have to work in a team to get the mail either on to a lorry or on to planes by sorting the mail bags into categories. I also have to negotiate with people if we are behind because of people not being there. I have had several jobs that I have had to handle cash receipts and handle cash. The most interaction with customers I’ve had is when I worked for a small garage behind a petrol station for six months and was in charge of for a month. I had to deal with cash receipts getting quotes for customers. I also had to make sure they were happy with the service provided and come across as confident. They sent me people down when I had loads of work on and had to manage the staff, I also made s0ure the work going out was above satisfactory condition. I have had no problem with time keeping and like to get there early just in case something goes wrong going to work. I would be able to live on service pay quite easily. I have some savings when I have been in this job and paid for my car insurance and reduced my overdraft. I have debt from university which will be paid off over time once my wages reach a certain level. My disciplinary record in all my work is high and I like knowing what to do.
I have lost nearly 2 stones in 3 months getting fit and I’m very proud of myself. I can run my mile and a half in 10 minutes on a tread mill, but prefer to run out side with my friends. I run 3 times a week 20 to 40 minutes I have been doing this for 2 months. I swim with my girlfriend who is a qualified lifeguard and she has been giving me tips on how to improve. I can swim 20 lengths in 20 minutes and tread water for two minutes. I’m a bit of a history buff and love my military history especially sea battles like the battle of Trafalgar when we had smaller ships but faster and cut the French and Spanish ships up and went against all military tactics being used by ships of the line. They went across the bows of the ships and were able to out manoeuvre the French and Spanish ships. Horatio Nelson was one of the greats of all time in my eyes in tactics in naval warfare and a British hero. I also like ww1 when the ships were painted different colours of camouflage to disguise the ships. I have great admiration of the British submarines during ww2 when they managed to destroy 12 u-boats over the period of the war to 4 of ours lost. I don’t do drugs and think it’s not good that people that do, I would walk away if someone asked me to do drugs and I have never done any.
I have had experience of communal living when i was at university and liked it I am a very social person and get on with people really well. I can adapt to change really well and sometimes enjoy it. I sometimes get bored of the same routine. I think I have a good attitude for authority, I like following orders and doing it to the best of my ability. I want to join the Navy because I have great respect and admiration for people who are serving. I want to be proud of what I do in my life and would love to wear a navy uniform and wear it with pride. I think the navy has great job prospects in being promoted and would like to climb up the ladder of promotion. I also want my family be proud of me and have had a lot of messages from family and friends how they would love me to get in.

Thank you Chris
Hello need to wear your heart on your sleeve so much.Sounds like you need to toughen up a bit have you thought about the Royal Marine reserves. Stop thinking and feeling and just join up. Protect the country for Gods sake


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If you plan on reading that out in your interview you are going to end up looking like a cock. Remember it's an interview not an audition for a Shakespearean stage school.

Whoever interviews you will most likely throw odd questions at you to test your response. In my interview I was asked;
"why didn't you take any languages at GCSE/A-level?" my response was simple "I was never really that much of a cunning-linguist" it got a laugh and i passed my interview with flying colours.
Hello Chris, I must sign off now and watch Foyles war, treat it as a training programme and emulate Foyle. You'll never second guess the interviewers. Just tell the truth, and forget the elaboration, forget the "feeling", no one cares what you feel, it'll get you in deep pooh. These boats carry WMD and that's what it all about. Be prepared to wipe out a continent. Good luck.
If you are watching Foyle now, they just let of an A bomb...thats what you are there for ( cept its not an A Bomb) Best of luck
My interview was more of a formal chat there was no oppertunity to read something like that out because as much of a chat as it may be its essentially all questions you're asked. Read up on you're pay contract and training types of ships submarines or aircraft whichever is applicable and be prepared for a few odd questions you won't have thought about. Chill out its an interview not an interrogation

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Okay thank you for your advice well I have revised that stuff.
When is you're interview? I was shitting myself about mine but its honestly nothing to worry about if you do you're homework the it's broken down into sections the first 4 are just about yourself which is easy enough the last section just make sure you've done a fair amount of homework in regards to pay contract types of vessel applicable to you're role and why you want to join that was it really my interview last Monday lasted about 35 minutes and was quoted January for Raleigh right after it was finished

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See I haven't done that yet got my interview next week bit weird every ones done that before their interview.
Depends I guess don't worry about that either I was loaded with the flu and almost phoned to re schedule mine and still cleared it in 9 minutes 28 seconds relax and all will be well

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Yeah I no I went out in the snow tonight and did just a sprint and did 0.8 miles in 5 mins 30 so its getting there. I run 3 miles with my friend so I'm not to bothered about it.
Yeah I no I went out in the snow tonight and did just a sprint and did 0.8 miles in 5 mins 30 so its getting there. I run 3 miles with my friend so I'm not to bothered about it.
Yeah you've obviously put a lot of thought into you're interview with the big spiel you ryhmed off up there but honestly chances are if it was anything like mine you won't be asked half of that. I never got asked anything to do with naval history it was essentially half an hour or so covering work school hobbies family life etc then ten minutes or so on the navy. Piece of piss.

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