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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ljkempson, Jan 8, 2012.

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  1. I am in the waiting list for warfare specialist right now (applied last summer). I got given a 3 year waiting list. I've done the recruitment test, eye & medical and pre-joining fitness test.

    I got a letter about a selection interview on the 1st February.

    What should I expect?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The Selection Interview breaks down into five main areas & lasts 45 minutes to around an hour.

    Make sure you switch your mobile off at the interview but also make sure you have the AFCO phone number so that you can ring them BEFOREHAND, if you are delayed.

    Dress smart, be early, bring all certificates & National Record of Achievement. Bring any documentation such as passport Birth Certificate, NHS Card if you did not already provide them to be copied on Recruiting Test day. Bring four colour passport photographs-put your name on the back of each. Also bring any completed paperwork given to you beforehand.

    Areas covered in the interview are as follows:


    Where were you born, where else have you lived, who's in your family, who lives at home with you, your home life, what does Mum and/or Dad do for a living, what about your brothers & sisters, your family's health, family support for your application, any trauma experienced & your reaction to it. Whether you have a partner, how many house moves you've had, how you re-settled, what you do to help at home, how you get on with your family, whether you have dependent children. What health are your family in, does anyone depend on you to look after them, are you a carer, what do you do to help around the house, who does your washing & ironing, have you holidayed away from your family, how mature are you?


    School attendance, who chose your school, punctuality, achievements, membership of clubs & societies, sports teams, favourite subjects, least favourite, suspensions, expulsions, what did you think if you got a detention, how you got on with teachers & pupils, what results you obtained, what do you think of your results, what did your family think of your results, what further education you have attended if any. What consideration did you give to attending further education, how many schools attended. If you left further education early, why? Did you represent the school at sports?


    How many jobs, why you left, how did you get your job, why did you leave, how you got on with the public, did you handle cash, what responsibilities did you have. How much do you earn, what are your commitments, can you cope on Service pay, do you know how much you get paid, any savings, debts, relevant to new entry pay. Timekeeping, disciplinary record.


    How fit are you? How often do you train? Member of any sports clubs, uniformed youth organisations, social life. Do you understand drugs policy, what hobbies & interests do you have? Full breakdown of fitness schedule - Physical activity -what/how often/how far & how long established etc. any work related training, related skills/interests, Personal achievements. What is your opinion of drugs? What's the Armed forces policy on drugs? Swimming - how often & how far? Personal admin.


    Experience of communal living, ability to adapt to change, attitude to authority, time away from home/family, any experience of responsibility, timekeeping/discipline/truancy, aspirations/motivation - what do you know about the Service & general knowledge of service training terms and conditions of service, etc. How much do you earn in training, how long is your contract for, how quickly can you leave if you don't like it?

    Relax. Maintain eye contact, don't slouch. Be yourself.
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  3. Everything above was covered in my Interview, So revise for that exact order and you will be fine.

    Relax, i was nervous naturally but i really did have a good laugh throughout the interview.

    Good Luck.
  4. thank you so much. this will help a lot
  5. Hi guys, sorry to jump on this thread, i will be shortly going for my interview to be an MCD, the one thing I'm not sure on is the earliest time you can leave if you don't like it. Where can i go to find out that sort of information? rest of the interview seems pretty straight forward and sensible.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    In a nutshel:

    If you "sign-on", you must serve a minimum of 28 days, after which you may opt out & leave for the first 26 weeks of service.

    After the first 26 weeks you are then contractually obliged to complete INT & Branch training (timescales vary) followed by 2.5 years Return of service before you may then submit 12 months notice to quit.

    Your contract is for 18 years or to age 40 (whichever is longer) if you wish to serve that long.
  7. Blimey, that was quick!! Thank you fro the reply Ninja, very helpful. I'm sorry to be a simpleton but when you mean "sign on" is that when you sign up and get a date for Raleigh but haven't actually set foot there yet? Want to make sure i have everything spot on and understood for the interview.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Until you attest (sign-on), you're under no obligation.

    You attest after swearing an oath of allegiance (another tradition removed - the Royal Navy never used to swear allegiance) on day two at HMS Raleigh.
  9. Thanks for the info very helpfull
  10. this has been very helpful, got my interview next tuesday, thank you stoker
  11. Evening chaps.

    I'm waiting to hear when my interview is, don't want to hassle AFCO anymore, but can I start security clearance checks etc before going to the interview? I know it can take a while...

  12. yer same here stoker ive got mine on 3rd feb :)
  13. If you have been given a user name/log-in for the SC process than get it done ASAP - it can take months! It may not necessarily hold up an entry date, but that is on a case by case basis.
  14. Hi all. Thought it best to resurrect this thread rather than start a new one.

    The info on the selection interview is very useful. Does this differ for Commissioned entry? Or will you simply be expected to know a little more about the Service and give a few more examples of leadership, management etc.

    Also, in terms of Service knowledge, is it a case of 'what have we got, where is it, what is it doing?' Or will it be more; 'what is the compliment of the Astute class? What weapons systems are on the Type 23? How many men can an LCU mk10 carry?'.

    Any info would be gratefully received.

  15. passed my interview this morning (Manchester AFCO) and i dont know what i was worried about i was a little nervous but that soon dissapears once your rhyming off the subjects you liked and teachers you didn`t etc etc........ thanks everyone for your posts and help just got to wait for security clearance now:-D
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  16. Hi,

    Im just wondering if anyone can help me?

    Im sitting my interview which is this tuesday coming, i've applied for an AET. Ive used Ninja's guide to help me to prepare for my interview, as well as the points my CA told me to learn from which are: Types of ship, types of aircraft, professional & basic training (Where & what will I be learning), Contractual Obligations, Fitness Targets as well as where I may be based.

    Ive covered all of these points now, I've just got a few questions before I go in. My CA has listed that i need to know types of ship & aircraft, would this mean I would need to know their functions too?

    Secondly is there anything glaringly obvious that I need to cover which I haven't mentioned?

    Thank you
  17. I've got mine Tuesday as well! Good luck :] That's all I've really done, hopefully someone will give you useful advice and not be glaringly pleb-like like me!
  18. Cheers =) hope tuesday will be a great day for us both! best of luck
  19. There is a really good prep site that i found that has helped me a lot. it has descriptions of the experience and free practice that is really good... hope this will help.

    Royal Navy Psychometric Test - JobTestPrep

    good luck mate!
  20. i got asked what type of rifle is standardly used in royal navy
    What mark of SA80 is it the CA replied
    errrrrrrrrrm...... was my answer!!

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