Selection Interview

I'm so relieved, all that revising has paid off!!
Good luck to anyone who has theirs coming up, it was well worth it and I feel brilliant now :D
RNAC sometime end of March beginning of April and I'll have to wait 2 weeks before I have my Raliegh date confirmed!!
Funnily enough cracker, neither did I.
I never got asked about, location of ships i.e. Haiti, priate's alley etc. or identity of ranks.
I did however get asked about:-

Clarifying what I had written on my application and security form
Home life
What my wife and parents thought about me joining up
Who did the cleaning, washing and most importantly ironing at home
Hobbies and interests
Uniformed clubs I was a member of
How our income paid for bills (who pays for what)
Any credit card debt
Did we intend moving home up to Scotland upon completion of training
Support network for my wife whilst I was away
What level of fitness I thought I was at
What happens at basic training, phase 2 & 3 training
How I would cope in basic training being around other able's half my age
Would I repect instructors younger than me telling me what to do
What a ET(MESM)'s job role was
What skills and experiences I could bring to the role
Process for leaving

Hope this is of some help to those of you revising for your selection interview :)
Cheers Mandon.

All seems to vary a little so just going to do my best to prepare well thought-out and structured answers.

Got mine in 2 weeks and weirdly quite looking forward to it!
Mine was

Family- who i live with, what interests we share, who does all cleaning ect..
School- Fave subjects, least favorite subjects
Social- anytime away from home, how i felt about it, what i do in my spare time

then what influenced me to join the RN. Talked about what trade i was going in for. Asked me where i would do my phase 1 and phase 2 training.
Asked if i were in any debt.

Thats about it!
Hi Officerlog,
Just make sure you cover all bases, looking on here you'll find everyone gets asked different questions. Whatever bit you don't revise is bound to come up, they're not looking for a vast knowledge, just a basic understanding and to prove you have spent some time revising

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