Selection Interview



Today i passed my recruitment test which I am really pleased about.

My question is about the selection interview. I have read things on here and in booklets the RN have given me, but still I would like to here some of your advice. What is other peoples experience with them been like? Will you know the same day if you passed this part of the process?

I am hoping to go in as a Warfare Specialist.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



Lantern Swinger
Hi Benj, I had my interview two weeks ago. I found it ok to be honest. I made sure I was as smart as possible, clean suit, shoes, haircut etc.

My only advice would be to read up as much as possible about the Navy and the role you wish to do.

I got by result the same day and later on my start date for Raleigh.

Best of luck.


Congratulations on passing mate.
Dont worry about the interview, like stepto said make sure you're looking very smart and read about a bit about the you are after.
I found the interview very pretty relaxing to be honest, was more like a 'informal' chat for me.
Asking you questions about your hobbies family etc
Nothing to worry about at all mate.
All the best


ive got my RT soon, think i'l do alright. do you wear formal clothes or not for the RT?

Stepto, you got your raleigh date not long after the interview, is this the same for everyone?
I thought you got the raleigh date like a couple of weeks before you started?!


Had my interview a few weeks back. I was brickin it, but once i got sat down and started talking it was fine. Just a little chat, thats how I would put it. Nothing to it mate.

Yes, they tell you if you've passed right after your interview. Then i had my medical.


Thanks for the advice.

I am still slightly nervous, but I guess this is to be expected. I am going to spend the next few days brushing up on my knowledge of the RN and the branch I have applied for (WS).

It’s good to know that you find out if you have passed or not at the end too, means less worry.

Any idea of how long after until you receive your Raleigh date? I was told I would be waiting roughly 2 month after being accepted.