Selection Interview questions/HMS Sultan

Ok, I have some questions on my RN selection interview.

Looking to become a Marine Engineers (Submariner)

My Interview is 10th April and I have been going through alot of stuff like the pay, terms of service, why I want to join the navy, Why a ME submariner.

Its just I don't have a clue what ship I want to serve on, or why. I have read about the ballistic/fleet submarines (fleet are the attack subs right?)
The Astute class look like a good sub to go on and if i get asked what subs I want to go on, that will probably be my answer but I have no reasoning for this.

I'm not asking for you to give me the answers, I'm asking if someone could tell me a little more about different types of subs and the advantages/disadvantages of being on those subs in comparison to other subs

Also can someone explain to me the process of HMS Sultan? I know its where you go to learn about engineering but what happens there? is it like school? or more of an apprenticeship? do you take weekly tests? what is the pass rate? do you have regular kit inspections? stuff like that.

If anybody wants to provide a list of other questions you would suspect I have probably not asked myself.

Feel free to do so,

Any replies will be greatly appreciated.
I suspect the answer you are going to receive is "use the search bar".

All I would say, is bombers have shorter deployments, which are a bit more predictable; whereas attack subs are a bit more exciting.

I would wholly recommend the following book:
Sub: Life on Board with the Hidden Heroes of Britain's Silent Service
By - Danny Danziger. It will tell you all about attack boats.

I can't imagine that they would expect you to know what type of boat you wish to serve on already.
You don't really have much choice any way to be honest.

The best answer to that question would be: "Which ever sub you tell me to serve on".
This a reply from a previous thread that sums it up perfectly:

To answer your orginal question, having experience in both SSN & SSBN, I would say it depends what you want out of the Submarine Service, the SSN will give you foreign port visits, it will also give you operations which will raise your adrenaline levels!, it will also make it impossible to plan your life to a certain degree, and deployments over 6 months are not uncommon. The SSBN programme is very solid, you go out, disappear for three months,come back, its routine, its boring as far as submarine operations go but a very important role for the UK, but as mentioned previously gives you a huge amount of time for personal development. The SSN would be my choice, not just for the port visits (fewernow ) but for the sheer uncertainty and excitement the job can bring. Good Luck.
For a kick off we don't call them "subs", they're submarines or boats. We don't call them "attack" boats either, that's a septic term. As to what type of boat I only had SSN's which was much more interesting than doing bombers (SSBN's). At Sultan, as a Phase 2 trainee, you will have kit musters, the training is a mix of workshops and classrooms, the tests, ordinarily, are not weekly but at the end of each module. I was an ME(SM) so PM me if you need any more answers but be warned, the sillier the question, the sillier the answer.
If you're interview was anything like mine you will merely have to name 2 trafalgar boats 1 astute and 2 vanguard

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