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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by charliethomson147, Apr 7, 2013.

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  1. Am 15, and have my selection interview on the 15th of april.. I have applied for sea spec! I've done some preparation such as general knowladge on basic training phase one&two (location/duration) I have also covered pay,contract,prnc! I have also learnt about my job as a sea spec in more detail.. I've learnt a few of the different types of ships (destroyers,frigates,future ships) and have gone over operation herrick! Any other stuff I should catch up on or any tips/advice.. Thanks
  2. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Make use of the search function
  3. As far as I know you where once a "newbie" so stop with the non helpful answers.

    Just revise what you can on your branch and the ships that the are out now, what are they doing, how long are they being deployed for, what's the navy's drug policy, how do you feel going Into a hostile situation if you have too, what's your contract and pay when joining the navy. Just revise everything and be prepared.
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  4. OMM

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    ....and I received exactly the same answer.
    How is it not helpful? The site is full of information you just need to search for.
  5. Directing the young un to the search is the best thing for him. Ninja took his (yes he is a real person apparently) time to write out a comprehensive guide to the selection interview that can be found via a simple google/site search. Spoon feeding is not good for anyone.
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  6. This person obviously has an inability to use the search engine, so I thought I'd help, must just be me being a soft touch haha
  7. As well as an inability to write using established grammatical techniques such as spaces between words, proper punctuation and spelling. Maybe that is why the search function failed for him?
  8. infact I just realised there is no need to use the search as all the important info is in the FAQ's in the sticky section above.
  9. So by using "extensive experience", "Captain integrity" and yourself, actually gave a fellow "hopeful joiner" a bum steer? :laughing5:

    Good effort. ;-)
  10. I thought buggery was only permitted on thursday in the RN?
  11. Your obviously confused by the "hearsay" you have gleaned about "man lovin thursday" dits, from Herrick, although I imagine you know it better as "the Ghan", "the sandy place" or something similar. ;)

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