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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Stuck_in_the_70s, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I have some fairly urgent questions regards BRNC selection, particularly regards Pilot/Observer entry. I'd be extremely grateful if someone could get in touch via PM to answer a couple of questions before I can get on the phone to the AFCO tomorrow.

  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    SIT70s: Welcome to RR. All BRNC matters are dealt with here.

    Dive in!
  3. Thanks, as it's something only related to the selection/offer part of the process I wasn't sure it would belong in that part of the forum - but if a mod could move my post that would be great!

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