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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Fraz, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. I am at college finishing a Level 3 BTEC IT Course. I can stay on for a second year and earn the 180 ucas points required.

    On the Pilot page it says some BTEC Courses may not be accepted. As I am coming to the end of my course, if my IT course isn't relevant could you please tell me what would be an ideal course.

  2. You need to take the details of the available courses to your recruiting office, and ask them to check. Not all courses qualify, as you have found.

    The RN does not care how you get the UCAS points, though bear in mind that maths skills form quite a large component of the aptitude test, but it's mental maths, not calculus.
  3. I was considering starting either an Engineering Course or trying to get into an Aerospace Engineering course but it's on the other side of London.

    A-levels aren't an option really as I left 6th form.

    Appreciate any response.
  4. The RN recognises UCAS points gained by some other courses, but not all. That's why you have to go the the recruiting office and see what they will accept, and start from there.
  5. Why not? Many people have done Highers, or even advanced highers (Scottish A-Level equivalent) outwith school.
    If you find yourself naturally good at numeracy for example, you could sit the maths exam this summer - with a little effort of course. Self tutoring with a suitble textbook or better still, some evening classes should steer you in due course for a pass. The way I see it, the more you are willing to make an effort, the better candidate you are for the RN.
  6. I can see what you're saying. I got a B at GCSE in Mathematics. I'd rather stick to orthadox and sociable hours at college.

    No colleges around my area do A levels. Rather do a BTEC course also.

    What sort of course do you believe they would be interested in?
  7. I was accepted by the AIB with my BTEC and AVCE. My ACLO had to forward my results and a breakdown of the modules I studied in order for them to deem the course suitable or not. The only people who can answer your question are in the AFCO so go there!
  8. As has been said previously, I don't think the RN are all that worried how you achieve the required UCAS points, however if you were to have good passes at English, Maths and possibly an international relations course (I know that this is an available course at my University) then they should take a keen interst in you. I believe a grade A (A-Level) in any of these would aquire 120 UCAS points.
    This, after all, is ones opinion and so you must seek the opinion of your AFCO. Alternatively, perhaps NinjaStoker could elaborate.

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