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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Marshmallow, Jun 2, 2013.

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  1. Evening everyone,

    Just wondered if anyone knew how early before the next intake the selection committee choose candidates? I'm just waiting for an AIB date at the moment and I've been told it will be around early August. So would i miss out on the September intake? (If that is the case I wouldn't mind, November intake would be good.)

    Obviously this is dependent on whether I pass or not.

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Generally candidates are selected and notified no later than two months before the entry date...That said, if there are cancellations or deferrals due to circumstances, it could mean an offer of a place at shorter notice.

    The rough rule of thumb is the better the score at AIB, the quicker the job offer and the longer the notice given.
  3. JCT

    JCT Badgeman

    Does anyone have any statistics on the number of people who pass AIB vs. the number of people accepted into Dartmouth?
  4. Ok thanks Ninja, if I pass then I won't expect September then! And JCT I don't know exactly but I would imagine there are a lot more people that pass AIB than get accepted into Dartmouth, because my ACLO said that he has known candidates who have passed AIB but not got selected for Dartmouth within the year and had to retake the AIB to try and get a higher mark.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It is possible to pass but not make selection within twelve months, usually in the branches that are over-subscribed. Figures vary wildly, but typically, branches where a pass needs to be above average to make selection include Aircrew, Royal Marine and Logistics.

    To give an example, one year there were nearly 4 times the number of RM Officers than required - just the top quarter were selected. On the other side of the coin, undersubscribed branches in the submarine world are far more likely to be selected if they pass selection...except Logistics.
  6. Sorry couldn't resist not too.....Picture this an AIB 1949 with an old and bold Admiral as PresidentFrom John Winton book... We Joined the Navy, made me smile The president of the AIB who was an admiral and whose board comprised of one headmaster, one civil servant, one psychiatrist, the commanders (E) and (S), and the Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Marines, marked their president's sigh and hunched their shoulders. They dropped their heads and waited expectantly, like Victorian children awaiting for papa to say grace. Well gentlemen, said the Admiral, here we are again. The Admiral passed a hand wearily over his forehead. As this is the first day, he said, I may as well refresh your memories on one or two items of policy. The board slumped to their seats. Remember we are not looking for normal boys. We re looking for boys who will make naval officers.There's a difference. We are looking for half-wits. The service will add the other half in its own way and in its own time. The board nodded. None of these boys will be very intelligent. If they had any intelligence the would't be here. They'd be applying for jobs outside which carry more pay and less work, like most of their contemporaries. But lack of intelligence need not concern us. An itelligent man never makes a good naval officer. He embarrasses everybody. Keep off religion and politics. They know more about that sort of thing than we do. One last point. Make sure, I implore you, gentlemen make sure you knowwhat the boys fatherdoes for a living. If he is an Admiral!! then of course you can be as facetious as you wish, but if he is a plumber or boiler maker which has an affliation to a trade union then I must beseech you to be careful. We just cannot afford any more questions in the House. It upsets the First Sea Lord and I will get it back from him later.
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  7. JCT

    JCT Badgeman

    Got it, thanks very much.
  8. I can testify to that on many levels. I passed the AIB twice and didn't get selected. Was going for Logistics (Submariner). Did get a reserve place last year but nothing came of that. I know lots of people that scored less than me and got in which was a tad frustrating.

    Joined anyway and passed out of Phase 1 training at HMS Raleigh last month. Loving it so far!
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