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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scuba Boris, Aug 29, 2012.

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  1. Evening Ladies & Gentlemen,

    I have just gone through security clearance following my AIB and I am waiting on a letter from the selection board telling me I will be starting at BRNC in November 2012, fingers crossed.

    I have been told that the Selection Board will write to me within 4 weeks of them meeting but I don't know the actual date. Does anybody know when they are meeting so that I can figure out when the 4 weeks expires as I then have to chase the ladies at the Post Board Admin who have been taking me through security clearance since passing AIB.

    Can anyone confirm the November 2012 entry date, I believe you are expected to arrive at BRNC on Sunday 18th to begin training on Monday 19th.

    Also, does anybody have any details of the kit to be taken civilian wise, I know room will be limited but just wanted to use the last few civilian pay cheques getting any bits and pieces i am missing.

    As always, any advice given is greatly appreciated, along with the usual extracting of the michael!!
  2. You'll get a kit list with your pre-joining pack, but it's essentailly this with very few alterations:
  3. I know there are no guarantees and buying kit was not the main question of my original post, I am primarily more concerned with the date the selection board are meeting so I can work out when the 4 weeks are up and I know whether I am staring in November or not.

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