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Hey guys, I have AIB coming up and i was just wondering which way selection works if i am successful at AIB. I know that the selection board will sit before an entry date and select people based on score, roles and needs of service etc. My question is that since I am applying as a direct entry HM officer, would i be selected along with the other warfaires as HM is technically still warfare branch, or if as a direct HM applicant would i be selected out of other HM applicants only. Just wondering what my chances are if i do pass AIB of actually getting selected as I know how many warfare applicants there are.


At AIB you will be scored based on your performance in all of the assessed tasks. This score will mean that you either pass or fail AIB, as the score has to be above the pass mark. Note that the pass mark doesn't change depending on quotas for intakes - it applies to all candidates fairly.

The selection board will sit 5-6 weeks before the next intake into BRNC. At this point, they will decide amongst themselves which candidates they will offer BRNC slots to based on scores, and also what role will be offered to them. For example, pilot applicants may be offered observer or air traffic controller.

The board will prioritise candidates with the best scores, and so, the chances of you getting into BRNC depend on how well you score at AIB. A high score will make you more competitive for the available spaces, and a score lasts for three intakes (1 year).

I am unsure as to whether or not the board selects candidates specifically for roles, or purely by officer spaces available at BRNC. I suspect - based on the information about aircrew candidates being offered alternative roles - that slots are role-specific and the spaces at BRNC are pre-allocated to a given role (e.g. if there are 10 pilot slots at BRNC out of a total 200+ intake, the 10 pilot candidates with the best AIB scores will be offered a slot. If they are short on observers, the board might look to the remaining batch of pilots who weren't selected for pilot but could be suitable for observer.

The next selection board sits on the 23rd of March for the next intake on the 11th of May.

You will be given an indication at the end of your AIB as to how likely you are to be selected. All you can do is prepare and do your best. Everything else is beyond your control.

Best of luck.


Have we ever got confirmation on whether you're competing against people going for your selected role or everyone in general? For example if I go for warfare officer submariner and score a low pass will I be ahead in the queue compared to warfare officer surface? Say the warfare officer surface gets a higher score than me but fails to get selected for the surface fleet because it's more competitive, is he then offered the submariner role before me (who has a lower AIB score than him but specifically applied for warfare officer submariner)

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