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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Kal_Stu, Sep 4, 2010.

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  1. Got my selction intervie letter today for 7 October :) well chuffed as didn't expect it til next year...

    Anyways can anyone tell me is it normal to get the selction interview before the medical and fitness?

    Also I am having problems with the search bar it keeps saying access denied. Can anyone give me links to intervew tips/advice?

    Any help much and always appreciated :)
  2. Dont be a lazy fcuker, The interview tips are 3 clicks away from the homepage :roll:

    Oh, and good luck when it comes ;)
  3. I never do right ha.... Get told to use the search bar and it Doesnt work and then don't need it ha..

    Cheers anyways I will just have. Look about
  4. I never do right ha.... Get told to use the search bar and it Doesnt work and then don't need it ha..

    Cheers anyways I will just have. Look about
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  6. Didn't say you did it wrong, its only three clicks away though ;)

    I see N_S was in a kinder mood than me anyway :lol:
  7. Thanks Ninja

    and thanks again Trigger
  8. Not directly related to the OP, but close too it...

    I had my PJFT on the 3rd of September and I passed it, but I am still waiting to here back from the AFCO about the next stage of the recruitment process. I reckon I will give them a call next week to ask, but I just wondered if it is normal to wait at this stage?

    Thanks for any advice...
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If in doubt, give the AFCO a call, you should be passed over to the ACLO for interview at this stage, assuming you've completed all the other bits & bobs including producing the certificates to verify eligibility as an Officer.

    Traditionally Officer applicants save all their queries for a single airing and ring their AFCO after 16:00 on a Friday afternoon. This way, they're sure of a concise answer, providing they're prepared to wait a while in the queue behind all the others doing likewise. :wink:
  10. Alright guys and gals, A few quick question. As stated above have my interview in 2 weeks and 2 days :) quite excited just as it's another part done.

    Anyways my mum (am 17 by the way) wants to come to the interview with me as support (obviously not actually in the interview) is that alright? Or would it be bette just going myself?

    This is just me being certain that I have the right information, there is not any other interviews after the selction one is there? I could be wrong there.

    Will I need to know about boats as am not going for subs or do they expect you have a little knowledge on boats even if your going surface fleet?

    I have look through the main threads (post by ninja very helpful thank you) for the interview and this is what I have learned from different sites ect. The name of the first and second sea lords, the types of ships, where both phases of training are and how long they last what to kind of expect there ect, rates of pay during training and after (is it the same pay through both phases of training?) sorry if that sounds a bit of a dumb question, how long you need serve for before you can leave this includes the bits about when you can leav at training, I know the rank structure for a rating (will i need officers rank structure aswell) I learned the fitness requirements and what are expected an a tiny bit on global operations and what they navy are doing at the moment will that be enough or do is there anything I am missing?

    Thanks for any advice always appreciated.
  11. Edited as posted 2 times for some reason
  12. Hi Kal,

    8O Bit late at night to expect answers (and anyway I'm seeing double :wink: ) but here's one anyway.

    Go along with Mum by all means but detach yourself from her some distance from the Careers office, having arranged to meet her later for a 'debrief' in the local pub - whoops only 17 eh :oops: ? - better make that at a Coffee House instead. :cry:

    Expect wiser counsel/flak tomorrow.

    Good luck in your preparations and remember to maintain eye contact throughout that Interview!

  13. Thanks, I have completed everything else so far so will give them a call, though not at 16:00 on a Friday! :p
  14. Gave them a ring and all was made clear! :)
  15. Can anyone advise if it is expected to know about the river class, P2000 patrol and RFA ships for the interview? Obviously the larger ships are a must, but I was wondering how much about the smaller ships is expected. I have an appreciation of them, but do I need to know names, deployments etc for the smaller class of ships?

    Cheers for any advise you can give.
  16. everyone seems to be worried about what they need to know. RFAs n P200s are not important the RFA is just support ships to skimmers (surface fleet) P2000s provide security for submarines as long as you know what types of ships/submarines are in the fleet and what OPS are currently underway (read navy news) then that should suffice. One thing that the navy taught me was to sound confident even when you are not sure what it is your on about. be confident and you will breeze through the interview.

    If you are joining as submariner all you need to know about ships is that they are all targets :D
  17. Cheers for the advice...I was finding it hard enough to remember all the surface ships and their deployments without adding the P2000's to it!

    Alas, I'm applying to join as a submariner's target! 8O
  18. Didn't want to start a new thread for this question as it has a definitive answer really, but can anyone advise if Sea Viper and PAAMS on a T45 are the same thing? :S

    Thanks once again.
  19. Interview tomorrow. :) any last minute tips or advice?
  20. Deep breath, Eye contact, exude the confidence that your butterflies do not have, smile on arrival and on completion.

    If interrogated about RR - Look innocent and deny all knowledge. (Except for that sweetie, Soliel. You are permitted to sing her praises as she needs just a couple more points for Sainthood. :wink: )

    Best of.


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