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So I'm at work, it's almost two in the fu**ing morning and the telly's on some Sky Channel. I'm bleary eyed and I happen to notice what's on the box. There's an elderly gentleman (an artist) painting a colourful sign in his studio which is situated in an old barn. The sign he's painting is done in brilliant colours with loads of loving attention to detail an he's carefully painting in some words amongst all the swirls and flowers and border-edging. The words he's painting say: *THE GOLDEN AGE OF ANAL*and I'm thinking.....GREAT! - something to while away the graveyard hours. He THEN completes his work of art and the stuff he's finished painting now says *THE GOLDEN AGE OF CANALS*. Turns out it's a documentary about fu**ing canals and British Waterways in the 1940's-1950's-1960's. I shall be writing to BBC 4 when I go off shift to complain in the strongest possible terms I will.


War Hero
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Funny that, when I saw the words golden and canals I thought of something else, helps that it's raining as well I suppose.


War Hero
When I looked at BBC4's schedule and saw "JULIA BRADBURY'S CARNAL WALKS" I got all excited. :excited:

Alas, my eternal optimism had subconsciously added an 'R' :sad:


War Hero
Joking aside. We stumbled upon it by chance, just channel hopping looking for something watchable amid the detritus of late evening television, and it was really rather a good programme. The amount of effort expended by those few people, and their refusal to kow-tow to the vandals of British Waterways, has left us with a half decent canal system that can be enjoyed by all.
BZ to them says I.

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