Seems Morale is very low?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by WindyMiller, May 23, 2007.

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  1. I've been through the ringer the last few months with trying for DE - it's a no, due to no formal maths quals - so now going to try for rating.

    But looking through the site it seems morale in the RNR is very low. I realise al ot of you guys have years in both varieties of RN but it can be a bit daunting and off putting when people come here for advice and see a pretty negative picture of things.

    I'm sure it's bad, I myself work for the NHS! Is it really that bad??

    A worried WM
  2. No, its frustrating at times in all honesty, but we all still enjoy it or we wouldn't still be in.
  3. ~2,300 in the RNR can't be wrong....?

    People do get pissed off, often because the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing, but it was always thus in the RN.
  4. Windy,

    If you work in the NHS I don't think you have anything to worry about. There are politics is most bwalks of life and we all learn to deal with them. The RNR really needs ratings and which ever unit you choose I am sure you won' regret it. You'll never know unless you try. Good luck.
  5. Windy,
    Don't let frustration & manking you find on here put you off joining the RNR.

    It's just a symptom of the general malaise/frustration felt throughout the Forces with our current situation (underfunded, underappreciated, underpaid, overworked etc).
    When Jack stops complaining then that's the time to be worried.

    I'm sure you'll not regret joining. If we all let it get to us then we wouldn't stay in. I've done 16 years now & wouldn't have missed it (despite all the terrible things that have happened over the years :lol: :D :wink: )
  6. your unit has a right hand????
  7. I was always told, if the crew aren't complaining or whining, then there is definitely something wrong, and this usually scared the crap outta the occifers... :D

    One of the reasons mess decks were created, so the crew could all hunch together and gripe about stuff...(that way they (officers) knew where everyone was), this forum is basically like that......everyone has opinions some negative some positive, you just have to decide which it is your going to listen to... 8)
  8. Honestly?

    in my unit at the mo no......numbers are up and stuff is happening.......

    so prehaps it depends on the unit/establishment. and as been mentioned before "if jack stops dripping........"

    been around for a couple of years now and still having a laugh....or prehaps thats just my insanity showing through 8O :D :D
  9. WM...most people that are in the RNR love it and it forms and integral part of our a result when you get crapped on it grinds even more...If we didnt give a shit we wouldnt whinge...!

    Despite the moaning and whineing we do our duty whenever we can, once your in you'll find it difficult to leave..!!
  10. Yeah. I've made my RNR career out of dripping as certain members of this site will atest to. I'm still in after 11 years, despite threatening to leave for the last 3 years. I guess the good outweighs the bad. My missus works for the NHS so we have dripping battles to see who's worse off. :lol:

    Don't let it put you off - wingeing and dripping is what powers the RNR.
  11. Borrowed from our green cousins:


    In the event of an outbreak of morale, the following action is to be taken IMMEDIATELY:

    By the person discovering the morale

    Raise the alarm by shouting: MORALE, MORALE, MORALE.
    Attempt to gain assistance ring the nearest morale alarm and make a quick attempt to stamp out the morale (do not expose yourself to the source of the morale).
    Ring the ANTI DIVISIONAL MORALE TEAM by dialing 666 on any military phone.
    Inform the guardroom who will dispatch the Quick Reaction Morale Force and sound the camp morale outbreak siren.

    By the Quick Reaction Morale Force

    Report to the guardroom without delay.
    Collect anti-morale contingency kit (extra duties roster, brooms, black bags etc).
    Send one man to meet the Divisional Anti-Morale Team.

    3. By those in the vicinity of the morale

    Close all the doors and windows.
    Attack the morale with all available resources.
    Retire to a safe distance and await the arrival of the Divisional Anti-Morale Team.

    4. By the Divisional Anti-Morale Team

    Don morale proof anoraks, white socks and brogues.
    Locate the source of the morale and contain immediately.
    Place all affected personnel on fatigues and dispense extra duties in
    blocks of no less than 15.
    Reassure all minor cases by having them clean up outside areas for 1
    Do NOT expose yourself for longer than absolutely necessary.

    The above action should be sufficient to prevent the outbreak spreading. Extra preventative measures that can be taken could employed are:

    Restrict all personnel to barracks.
    Introduce a two-can rule in the Sqn/Unit Mess Bars.
    Withdraw chips from all meals.
    Instigate Ex Pointless [expletive] on a weekly basis.
    In severe cases delay mail in and out and place a fault on the Paradigm telephone system.

  12. Withdraw all chips from meal, there would be nothing left to eat :cry:
  13. Thanks guys - really needed a boost as I was getting a bit fed-up, but many wise words have I found..

    also some of the advice here was ok :D :D

    Sh*t suppose now I'll have to start getting effin fit! :p
  14. Roger that..!!

    Shame its not in your task book and a promotion'd be ComMarRes by now!!.. :twisted: :lol: :twisted: :lol:

    "In you own time............whinge!

    (No reflection on the current ComMarRes who is a top fella!!!)
  15. I knew the War Meister would leap to my defence. In fact, his modesty prevents him from telling everyone on RR that I learned from the best :lol: :lol: :lol: . In fact whilst trawling through my photo albums, I found a cracking photo of us both on a good day :twisted: .

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