Seems like my wait may be longer :(

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Murph, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. Just come off the phone to my local AFCO, confirming I will need to redo my fitness test :violent1:. "Best get back to the gym"

    Then we had a long conversation about start dates. Im 3rd on the list for the area. The two people in front of me on the list (WS) applied in August 2009 and have been given there date for January (Confirmed). Been told it could be as late as March 2012 before im in :( but he says alot of people are dropping out :).

    I am determined to stick it out and carry on with my W^^K Job in the mean time.


  2. if its any consolation just remember your in the same boat as a lot of people mate. best of luck for an earlier start date.
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  3. They're issueing dates as far out as January?
  4. So hes says. :s
  5. Aye it will be worth it. Are you having to re do the PJFT because of the new times?

    I applied back in sept, so god knows how long I've got left now. I've given up thinking how long its going to take, I'm in when I'm in.

    The only thing I can hope for are more available jobs in the UK, so that the incentive is greater for people to leave the RN and drop out of the waiting list............
  6. wouldn't hold my breath on that one.
  7. Have to redo the PJFT at some time, probably when I get my date. For the reason its been over a year and in that time ive put on 15 Klem :p.

    With regards to people dropping out its allready happend. He said he knows nationally 50 people have dropped out so far.
  8. So if dates/training places are being issued for January 2012, and you haven't been contacted as of yet, does that probably mean you'll be waiting until after that time at the very least? I read that an applicant on the Royal Navy facebook page said she has been given her date for September, it made me think anyone going in the time up to September is aware of it by now, but January 2012! Oh dear, it doesn't sound hopeful for all the baby sailors still waiting without news. It'll be worth it when you finally get in.

    Could one of the resident CAs perhaps tell us what the latest date is they know of being issued up to now to any of their applicants?
  9. The other thing to remember is that people will drop for a variety of reasons and lets face it, in the last 2 years I bet the number of applicants have increased partly becuase life on the ocean waves has a better appeal than that in the dole queue. Hopefully, as the economy improves, those people will have lost interest and make way for those of you who really do what to join the RN

    Only the commited (or commitable?) will stick it out for the long wait and overcome whatever hurdle is placed in their way.
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  10. Don't worry, I'm not.
  11. Dates for training places have not been issued beyond August 2011. I would suggest that the dates you have been given are purely forecast dates for when you might join. Dates are issued on a term by term basis and only dates for term one are being issued, that is; 1st May 2011 to Summer Leave. Check again with your Careers Advisers and listen to what they are saying. As for your fitness test - it has a life of one year at which point you have to repeat it and the new lower time required for entry.
  12. We only have confirmed entry date up to August of this year, so they can't be confirmed. It may be provisional based on their positions on the waiting list.

  13. Thanks for your replies. It's as I thought. I suspect a few new applicants who are 'goin in September/November etc are romanticising things a little. Either that or they'll swear down the career bloke told them they're in for definite that month. It's good to know to be honest, gives real hope of an entry date to those still waiting to hear anything concrete. Thanks again.
  14. It's called selective hearing. They probably only hear what they want to hear. Hang in there A. Your time will come.
  15. Guy at my careers office swore blind he heard from a dude at the local pub who has a cousin who knows a guy in Recruiting, that he'd be at raleigh by next week. :)

    Although the MW branch applicants apparently have had their wait time reduced to 18months according to SM's post elsewhere
  16. Must be a provisional date this person has then. Im just saying what ive been told. Not holding my breath for anything unitll I get that long awaited phonecall.

    Been told to ring back at the end of April as they should have a better idea with all the cuts that are happening.

    Regardless im not sacking this off. Not now, Not ever.:)
  17. Well said mate. Just keep hanging on
  18. My time has been and gone! Much like my belly button..... I did Raleigh as a Wren when our biggest danger was tripping over the shag pile carpet. Hehehe. Now I'm back asking for our youngest (gives me a better idea of when to advertise the room - only kidding!)

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