seems like forever and a slight rant

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mark33, Jan 7, 2010.

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  1. hi all, paid a visit to my afco today and was told everything had gone well and i'm just waiting for my date to be sent through now. Just can't believe how much the waiting times have gone i appling as et(mesm) and initial waiting time was about 4 months but now i believe it may have doubled so from april i aint too sure how long i'll be waiting. Ihave also been told that some people are applying as submariners because waiting time is shorter and during training saying they feel ill and are getting switched to general service is this true as i feel that for the genuine ones that do apply as submariner like myself we are being forced to wait because people see it as a quick entry into service hopefully they get found out before too long. Has anyone got the new dates for et(mesm) as of this week or month and when can i expect my date to come through. thanks in advance to anyone that can help it is well appreciated.

  2. You visited your AFCO today ?.
  3. yeah sorry i wasnt clear there it was rather busy with interviews and tests so it was a real brief chat and off the top of his head didnt know dates
  4. Mark

    ET (MESM) approx 12 months wait
  5. does that mean i will have to do my security clearance and fitness test again.
  6. When did you sit your RT?
  7. end of august and my security cleared november
  8. cheers loads put a smile back onto my face that has still seems like forever though. do you think what i said about people joining as submariners and feigning illness preventing them going on boats and switching to general service is true and cant these people be found out sooner.
  9. Don't worry, polygraph tests will be used on all potential submariners starting soon, if your theory is correct you should be starting around 1400 next Thursday.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Going back over 28 years, there were still 'waiting lists' to join. As a Marine Engineering Mechanic, I waited over 12 months & many trades had longer waits.

    There are a finite number of jobs, limited training places & unfortunately for some, in excess of two years worth of applicants in the smaller, more popular trades due to the recession.

    The advice to those thinking of joining is to apply at least 12 months in advance, as soon as they are eligible. Similarly those reaching the upper age limits need to apply well in advance.

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