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Discussion in 'Motoring' started by rod-gearing, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Anyone like me and gets really hacked off due to one-eyed wonders on the road during the hours of darkness?

    You know the ones I mean,off set headlights,one on the road the other on sky search dazzling you as they approach.

    Or one headlight off and you nearly mistake them for a motorcycle but realise they arent just before you overtake the car in front.

    Having your night vision screwed by being dazzled from behind so you have to dip your rear view mirror.

    And why do people insist in flashing you with full beam at night after you have let them have priority when approaching you at a parked car etc?

    I thought the MOT test was supposed to sort out defective lights but going by the amount there is on the road it cant be.

    Just wondering,its probably me!
  2. I totally agree. I also get poxed off with public spirited people who flash their lights at me in CAVOK significantly before Lighting Up Time in the evening and after it in the morning. I suspect they are the same worthy souls who agonise over climate change and dwindling energy reserves.
  3. Don't forget Rod, many people dont have MOT, or Insurance for that matter.

    The MOT test only shows the state of the vehicle at the time of testing and the lights could blow on the way home from the garage.

    As for the flashing of lights, the amount of times you let someone through a gap at night and they flash from dip to full beam - BASTARDS - why dont they dip them down instead of up?

    But to answer your question, yes it pisses me off too
  4. I've lost count of the number of morons in car parks who, when I tell them a light on their car is duff or a tyre looks a bit flat, give me either a blank look or "I know, it's been like that for ages!". Worst was a guy retracting the roof on an SLK at a service station somewhere northbound on the M1, at lighting-up time. "I know about my rear lamp"...
  5. Accidents all waiting to happen. Although if they have prior knowledge can they really be called accidents?

  6. Seriously folks this business in the Uk of flashing at people to take priority is something I wish would stop. Quite often it does nothing but confuse the situation and can make a third party vulnerable, who is being flashed at and for what reason. In the even of a collision with a third party you could also be making your self liable, in as much as waving pedestrians across the road.
    I have seen it lead to so many actually or potentially dangerous situations. It is certainly not polite IMHO.
    Put simply if you have priority and the road is clear, then go. If you chose to give way then pause and let the other driver make up their mind.
    I agree with the general point that there is little excuse for duff lights, or duff anything other for that matter including the driver :wink:
  7. Bit off thread I know, the flashing of lights to let someone have priority means the COMPLETE opposite in Italy!! If they flash their lights at you then give way, they are coming through! So, with all the different Johnny foreigners over here at the mo, take care!!!
  8. Exactly and it's is much the same in Spain, though very rarely used and not recommended in the Highway Code. By and large if they have priority people do not give way, even some times when it would be a tad better to do so. With pedestrians though they are far more polite than in the UK, willingly giving way at most times.
    When it is used a lot is to warn you of some problem, or speed trap, on the road ahead both of which are useful.
  9. Tragedies?
  10. In fact, flashing lights are not a recognised signal according to the Highway Code, since it could mean many things (saw a mate, hit the wrong stick, etc). The only possible reason you would flash your lights is to warn another driver of your presence.

    It is up to the individual driver to pull out of a junction, turn right etc when safe to do so.

    Suppose you are waiting to pull out of a side road, a car flashes its lights and you pull out. If that car then piles into you then you will be at fault.
  11. Unfortunately it doesn't sort out defective drivers.
  12. Totally agree with this, being chivalrous can sometimes go horribly wrong.

    A few years ago about a quarter of a mile from where I live, a little old lady was stood at the junction of a minor road with the main road waiting to wheel her bike across the main road. An approaching car slowed down and waved the old lady across. A following car driver thought the first car was turning (left) into the side road without indicating; he overtook the first car and hit the old lady as she emerged from in front the first car. The old lady was killed.
    The second driver was done for careless driving, but I must confess that I have always thought that the person who "caused" the accident was the driver of the car which slowed down and waved the lady across - albeit with the best of intentions.

    Since then I have never "waved" or "flashed" anyone in another car to let them have priority. If there is nothing too close behind, I will slow down (not brake) to leave a good sized gap and let them make the decision. Occasionally my wife will say "why didn't you let them out" - my answer - "remember the little old lady".

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