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Seeing as there is no Wardroom Forum.... (Amend 1)


War Hero
smoothbore said:
Guns said:
There are more Middies coming through. With the cost of Uni it is becoming more common for people to join up, why bother with a degree. The whole degree thing is becoming less important as you get past 25-30 yrs, it boils down to life/work experience. Also Middies can work towards a OU Degree by doing basic training and then some bits and pieces. They are weighing up 3 years and £15,000 debt or be a Middy and fly helos Don't knock it, it was my sales pitch when I was a recruiter. Also people joining at around 19/20 after getting bored of work or having dropped out of Uni.

I was most shocked when I saw two YOs in ALBION who were Middies, I was taken aback I tell you.

Misty eyed at the thought of my time as a Snotty. I never got in trouble or anything, honest.

I've obviously missed something because I always thought that it was possible for a Midshipman to be Commissioned. If you joined at 18 on the SL & didn't do Uni then you served 2 years as a Mid & 3 as a S/Lt before getting the second stripe. As an SL Mid you used to do just 3 terms at BRNC before passing out for Fleet Time, Fleet Board & OOW course. Therefore perfectly possible to be a Midshipman and Commissioned. Its just that in recent years many more people joined up after Uni as S/Lts so fewer Middies around.

I do remember a famous photograph from the late 1970s, I think, of a SK Mk2 at Culdrose being crewed completely by Midshipman, including the Captain of the Aircraft.
A Buccaneer on our Sqdn was manned by a Snotty Pilot / observer Acting S/LT Bloody heros in my eyes :thumright: Thompson was one of them :thumright: Ill get you a wet in any where :thanks:
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