See you later scrote!

Well, It's like this, Yesterday one of the chav scrotes in our office decided to tell the boss he was leaving. Good riddance to the little Kunt, but he has started acting like a complete twat since.

He has started going around the office leaving shit in girls hand bags (good effort btw), and rimming peoples coffee mugs.

The thing is some of the stuff he is doing is pissing off the lads in the office and they are planning on luring him into the stationary cupboard to give him a good kicking at lunchtime!

Should I warn the little Kunt or just let him have it?

The little prick doesn't even realise that he lasted this long at the company because his girlfriend gave the boss a blow-job at the Crimbo party to try and save his job!

The only reason I'm posting this is because he has mentioned he wants to join the Navy soon.

Open for discussion.!!!


Lantern Swinger
I have only just stumbled across this. I would have found it earlier but i had been dragged into my works storeroom. This complete and utter twat decided to give me a good kicking. It wasn’t too bad though, it reminded of the rough sex me and his mrs had at the christmas party. To make things better he thinks the slut I took to the do was my girlfriend, actually it was a prozzie i hired to give my boss the aids.

I haven’t even been that bad at work yet but the twat is going to be really pissed off when he finds out it’s me who has rubbed shit all in his car air vents and when the rozzers give him a 6am wake up call he is going to go mad.
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