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See the Walt, see how he runs!

I think I will stay cocooned in the safe confines of RR in future, what with all this complete f*ckwits allowed to join the Army.

Very scarey.


Lantern Swinger
oh dear. You think he has got loads of copies of AP/RN under his bed and he thrashes himself in his bedroom with a ballykalava on?

Somebdy should just contact this TA unit and ask if he is in it. When it is proved that he isn't, and as quasimodo said "its just a hunch I'm having", the little myspace wretch could be publicly bombarded with a series of questions about his lies. I am sure the Rainhill Militia won't be popping round any time soon?

I wonder why people do it? My service outside the RN has a veterans section and its inundated with calls all the time from people who served in 132 special black ops commando night survelliance wing etc and they've photos (taken in their back gardens) to prove it. When told that all they need to do is wheel out their docs and they are in for a tenner, they vanish. But they must carry on with these tales of daring do at their locals. I wonder why people do it?

What a joke!!

Pex Hill the old quarry used by various climbing groups. Now a conservation area only enter this area if you have been on escape and evasion and know how to live of the land. Nearest homestead ten feet away nearest place for food Cronton chippy ten minutes walking many have perished on this treacherous walk slipping on dog shite.

If your map reading skills and compass work are fine you could cut across the field and go to Cronton Fish Bar No2 Singapore Chow Mein top rate phone orders especially welcome

At night time used by the local piss heads who terrorise the old priest in his stone cottage.. Hence the hard!!

This may have been the group who I politely told to piss off for hacking down trees and making survival type shite places out of anything that could be chopped down. Load of tossers!! That was a while back when working in conservation wonder if they are back learning sniper training shooting Robins??

Hall Lane the boundary around this area split between Halton council and Knowsley council.

Knowsley being scouser country and we all know the plastic scousers are real hard cases. Real scousers are the salt of the earth the plastic shite give out the bad reputation.

For those uneducated a plastic scouser is one who was not born in Liverpool but has the scouse twang and can fight ten men blindfolded with one arm tied behind the back while playing the harmonica with the other. Normally found in overspill new towns!!
a machetti(for cuttin up gypos)
I Think HEINRICH HIMMLER was an interesting man

be sure to mention that when you join up and your sure to get in


War Hero
What a very interesting tosser!!! (I mean the Walt!)..
Guess I must be getting old, but are all young 'uns like this now??!!
Out to impress.........who? :mad:
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