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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Nutty, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. BBC TV News this morning Liverpool Football fans are the worst in Europe state UEFA.



  2. Nutty
    You must desist in your derision of the Scouse Tribe. They will get upset and demand that you visit Liverpool and personally apologise for your comments.
    Perhaps when my hero Boris Johnson retires there will be a place for you as MP for Henley on Thames.
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I like scousers, they're an easy lay. Then again the last time I was working in Liverpool my crew was adopted by the battered wives home.... :laughing6:
  4. Slim

    Not with standing my normal political leanings I must admit I hold Politicians who actually speak the truth in high regard what ever party they represent. Boris together with Enoch Powell who I met and talked to on many occassion whilst Plod in Belgravia, he lived round the corner from the nick(Not the new one). Dennis Skinner and Weddgy Benn all get my vote.

  5. It's a sad state of affairs that the politicians who speak the truth are the same ones forced by their parties to apologise and thus placate the electorate.
    Why is it that the same parties do not force other MPs who have lied and misled the electorate to do the same?
  6. This is news I understand and not aomeone's personal opinion . Stealing tickets from kids is very disturbing and with the other behavior must indeed present a problem for authorities . In the name of good sportsmanship why such behaviour .

    Reds fans labelled Europe's worst

    A damning report by European football's governing body says Liverpool fans are the worst-behaved in Europe. Uefa says Reds fans have been involved in more incidents in Europe during the past four years than any other club. Ticketless fans caused trouble at May's Champions League final, although the club criticised security at the game. Uefa spokesman William Gaillard said: "That was just the latest example. What other fans steal tickets from fellow fans or from the hands of children?" Uefa's report will be handed to sports minister Richard Caborn on Tuesday.

    In it, Uefa paints a damning picture of the Anfield club's supporters' behaviour at the Champions League final against AC Milan in Athens, which the Italian side won 2-1. Gaillard added: "We know what happened in Athens, and Liverpool fans were the cause of most of the trouble there. "There have been 25 incidents involving Liverpool fans away from home since 2003 and these are in the report - most teams' supporters do not cause any trouble at all." Liverpool have sent their own report to Uefa complaining about lax security measures at the final. Many supporters with forged tickets or no tickets at all managed to gain access to the stadium. Disorder broke out before kick-off when fans were held back because of congestion outside the ground. Police told fans going through the penultimate checkpoint to slow down or even stop moving, then riot police formed a line to stop other fans joining queues to move through the checkpoint. Former Conservative leader and Liverpool fan Michael Howard was at the game and said ticket checks at the stadium were "a joke".Fans were already aggrieved over Uefa's ticket allocation for the Champions League final, with the governing body making 17,000 tickets available to each club for a stadium that had a capacity of 63,000. Of those tickets, Liverpool were able to make just 11,000 available to fans because of obligations to sponsors and former players. But Gaillard said: "You must ask yourself why at the same match, with the same conditions, there was no trouble with the Milan fans - only the Liverpool fans."
  7. Passing Lime Street Station many moons ago two young lads wearing a not Liverpool or Everton scarf came dashing out. With not being a member of the brain dead football supporters association it could have been Dublin All Blacks for all I know.

    Dashing out they came followed by seventy scousers [my best mates are scousers by the way] the zombie up front shouted "luck at the bus stop dare two more.

    "GET DEM DARE LAH DEM DARE WOOLIES" The two at the bus stop turned and ran past the station entrance. The shite weaving in amongst the cars to "GET DEM DARE LAH" The hero of the hour emerged a cop with an attitude. He looked splendid standing there with his medal ribbons proudly showing from his chest. His night stick crashed on the road and the seventy shite stopped dead in their tracks.

    We are talking over thirty years ago when a smack from a rolled up cape was the norm from Mr Plod. Not the threat of a ASBO.

    Scum bag supporters are the same the world over!!!
  8. Eh, dey doo do dat do don't dey? Dey did doo dat do didn't dey?

    calm down lah.....
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    ... and not forgetting: "Ken Dodds' Dads' dog's dead".

  10. Thats is because Mr or Mrs Plod had sewn old 1d. coins or fishermans lead weights into the bottom seam of he cape making a weapon of weight to be feared.

  11. V old friend of me mum's was a copper, he's passed away now, but he mentioned some coppers used to carry a pair of leather gloves with marbles in the end of the fingers, quite effective for a smack around the back of the head apparently.
  12. How you go about your daily life WB still astounds me? o_O :biggrin:
  13. I was determined not to bite, but balls to it!

    First off Nutty, I acknowledge that Liverpool supporters may well be the worst in Europe at the moment, and Yes, they are in deed "Tossers", but to be fair, I personally think that ALL f***ing football supporters are tossers. (It's a tossers game)
    Nothing but a bunch of childish w****rs shouting and screaming in their teams colours, at another bunch of w****rs who dont deserve the money they earn.
    I grew out of it when I was about 10.
    Anyway Nutty, you need to realise that not all Liverpool supporters actually come from Liverpool. Like most of the top Premiership teams, there are a very large amount from all over the country (and other countrys in fact). every Everton supporter (spit) will confirm
    :salut: :laughing8:
  14. I find myself in agreement with you on these points. As you say Liverpool supporters are from all over, I met a fair few in China. Football supporters seem to have a bad press, however is it time for the teams to get their act together and police their supporters themselves. Perhaps consistent offenders could be banned from every ground in the country?
  15. I concur :thumright:
  16. T-W

    You were doing well offering a reasonable argument until you inserted' "I grew out of it when I was about 10", then in your last line when referring to Everton "(spit") you showed your true Red Colour.

    Another example of lack of control of a Liverpool supporter, spitting in public cyber space.


    PS I have never said all Liverpool supporters come from Merseyside, but certainly the greater majority do or have family connections with Liverpool and area.
  17. :roll:

    (Whatever makes you feel better mate)

    However; my endless sense of humour will remain intact.

    (My previous post was merely an attempt to display this)

    -scouse humour entirely for the scouse :angel9:
  18. Nutty,

    At first I assumed that your anti-scouse comments were tongue in cheek, however the more I read the more I believe you actually stand by what you say.

    Both my parents are scouse, and to paint them with the same brush is a ridiculous notion - collectively they have spent less than 12 years doing community service, and not even half that in the clink - not bad for a combined age of 106 I think. They even bought their first car last year.
  19. Why else would I start Scouse Watch. If you have not read the Scouse Watch Thread in Gash Barge go and see what the Liverpool Echo say about Scouse Land.

    No1. Liverpool has more illigal fly tipping than all of England put together, less Sheffield (Is it a Northern city thing?).

    No2. Liverpool also seems to be the Capital for Pit Bull Terriers and the like. They have had to organize a public campaign to try and reduce the problem.

    No3. Stop global warming catch the bus in Liverpool. Yeah right see what the loacls think. Bus, Hell No


    You could of course start your own Jock watch, Cockney Watch, Somerset Watch. What ever you fancy.
  20. Nutty
    Please re read Northern rogue posting more carefully. I think you will find that he is taking the piss.

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