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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Jul 22, 2009.

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  1. Right fcukers.

    I'm doing the Great North Run in September for Holidays 4 Heroes, here's the deal.

    Sponsor me and not only will you have the warm fuzzy feeling of having helped out an oppo or his family in need, but if we raise enough money I will increase the pain by adding 5kg of weight to my Bergen every £100. Surely the opportunity to monumentally see me off is too much to resist.

    So if we raise £500 then I'll do it with a 25kg load, £1000 (God forbid) 50kg. Now I'm not fcuking superman so 50kg will be the absolute limit! (Unless we get super donations then I'll have to do it with a load and naked or something.)

    To sponsor me, just click on the Sgtslingsby link in my signature and follow the instructions to donate by Paypal, please post on here when you are done with the payment ref number so I can keep abreast of the running total and whack another sand filled jerrycan in my grip. If you do not have a paypal account, see the other payment details below:



    Sort: 40-12-09
    Acct: 41416081

    So there you go, killing me and helping those in need all in one healthy package, everyones a winner.
  2. If thats the case then how do I transfer you 8 grand?
  3. Cnut!
  4. Myleen says "BUMP!"

    ROMFT are putting you lot to shame with their donations, dig in!

  5. I'll set up a Paypal account on my 18th and bung you some brass.
  6. Sweet work, Myleen says thanks.
  7. Does she wanna come over and show her appreciation in person?
  8. Cheers matey, it's a poisoned chalice, £1000 for Hols4Heroes and thighs of fire! Oh god..........
  9. A modest donation on it's way oppo......Cdn $'s... :roll: ...but it's all 'ackers'....

    Best to you....
  10. keep bumping this til payday, I spent all my tokens this month buying mckaulay culkin's silence.
  11. 'Bump' you tight bastards.... :D
  12. JIG A JIG and bump :lol:
  13. What is the extra total of weight to carry so far?
  14. About £150, so 7.5kg. There is still 2 months to go until the day and I'm yet to put out the chits to friends, family and work. Hopefully we can reach at least £500 and 25kg.

    Thanks to everyone so far.
  15. Money on the way shortly, anything to see you suffer.... KUNT!! :p, ill be there doing it to!

    Edit to add how do i send money over paypal, i cant work the thing!
  16. That's the spirit fuckface! You need to set up a paypal account, easy peasy just click on the SgtSlingsby link bellow this post, then click "donate" on the website and it will take you through the registration process.

    See you there, I'll be the good looking cnut with the mahoosive bergen and the teddybear.
  17. And an extra 25Kg!! (I hope) All the best MLP.
  18. A little bump for you Monty. Remember women in bikinis don't encourage me to donate though, hot man shot please! hehe. I will transfer money over when I get paid tomorrow. Good luck
  19. Cheers welshy, hot man shot of me on it's way.
  20. Ok will swap your pic for a hold up pic! hehe

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