See Naples and .....

Mrs MG wanted to go away for a few days ... so quick flit around the "late-booking sites" to see if I could pick up something and ended up booking for 3 nights in Naples!

All was well ... Hotel and Flight £182 each ... so next problem getting from Airport to hotel ... shuttle transfer £75 ... each way! Nah give that a miss ... there must be a bus! Mrs MG however started muttering something which sounded like "soddoffmybuspasswontworkthere" ... but could equally have been "soddoffI'mnotgettingonastuffinbusinItalyhireacaryoupizogit!" ... Good old Avis came up with a car £46 for 3 days all in! Seems the airport is right on the motorway so don't have to drive through Naples to get there ... had vivid memories of the traffic emerging from the tunnel at Naples harbour like the start of the Grand Prix.

Given that we are only there for 3 days (in March) and Mrs MG want to go see either Pompeii or Herculaneum ... anyone been to Pompeii or Herculaneum before? Is one better than the other and is there anything else worth doing .... manly as my recollection of Naples was the inside of a bar somewhere!
Haven't been to Herculaneum but I've been to Pompey... ;)

Seriously though, Pompeii was interesting to me as a teenager back in the 70's. There was access to loads of areas, but there were some out of bounds due to ongoing archaeological work.
I don't know whether there'll be more to see now or less, due to protecting fragile archaeology from clumsy tourists.

Sorry, that's probably not much help :oops:

Big O D

Went there in the 70s deployed with Stanavformed, went to see Pompeii we got a local train which took all the way there, it was quite impressive at that time. I'm sure there will be even more to see now. Also remember taking a taxi to the septic base just out the city or it may have just been their PX club, any ways it was pretty grand, place was heaving with loads of yank wimmin giving jack lots of attention, which pissed off yank crabs who were stationed there, the booze was dirt cheap, they also had a bowling alley I seem to remember, they had a live country and western band playing who were really good, but what was even more impressive was the were from Leeds!,, have a good time
I went to Pompeii in 2012. Fascinating place. Chatted to the friendly street vendors outside. Also explored the main town which has quite a few Gelataria. The Church is worth a gander too. I have heard that Herculaneum is also great, but I can't comment from personal experience.

Have you considered Amalfi? Wish I'd gone there too...
To answer the question, I went to both a few years back. There was more to see at Pompeii as Herculaneum as it was still being excavated.

It was on some programme a few days ago and a lot more was opened up. Try Youtube and see what it's like now?


Lantern Swinger
Done both. Both excellent. As someone else said try the amalfi coast, and try and get out to Capri for the day, or for lunch. Black hole for the wallet, however well worth a visit.
It was on some programme a few days ago and a lot more was opened up. Try Youtube and see what it's like now?
Yeah caught that ... or at least Mrs MG did. Been recommended a guide book (Lonely Planet) so got that on order from good old Amazon ... £1:70 used! Works for me.

Think the drive down the Almafi coast is on the cards too but as only there for a couple of days I think Capri is off the agenda (wallet breathes sigh of relief!).

Cheers chaps
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