Security vetting of NHS Doctors at Selly Oak

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by phil1972, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. Given that we no longer have Military hospitals and given that the latest round of Moslem extremists were all NHS Doctors. Can we all be reassured that the government is of course ensuring all NHS Doctors that treat injured service personnel have been security cleared at least to a level that would allow them to join the forces?
  2. This is a very good point and one that needs urgent attention . I believe it goes beyond the military into all medical areas . What better way to promote terrorism than through essential services . It's got me puzzled with this doctor crap . Train the bastards then they want to piss off overseas instead of looking after their own people . All sorts of problems arise with foreign trained doctors , with different cultural practices , but it is the terrorist aspect that causes most concern . Recent case in Oz with an Indian trained surgeon , allegedly responsible for multiple deaths .

    Gold Coast terror accused held as second suspect released
    Wednesday Jul 4 11:00 AEST
    By ninemsn staff

    Federal police are using emergency terrorism powers for the first time to extend the detention of a Gold Coast doctor, with a top British terrorism investigator is expected to fly in from the UK.

    Officers are questioning Mohammed Haneef, a 27-year-old Indian national, over the bomb plot after he was arrested at Brisbane airport on Monday night attempting to leave Australia.

    The second doctor taken in for questioning yesterday, Mohammed Asif Ali, was released after investigators decided there was no charge to answer.

    A magistrate granted police an extra 48 hours to interrogate Dr Haneef.

    "It was a lightning-fast operation," a police source told the Sydney Morning Herald.

    Gold Coast Hospital colleagues of Haneef said the junior doctor was anxious to fly home on Monday, claiming his wife had just given birth to his child in India.

    Haneef reportedly told hospital staff he would be gone for seven to 10 days, but it has been revealed he did not have any scheduled holidays in the hospital roster and he only had a one-way ticket leaving Australia.

    "He was in a hurry to get home," a doctor told the Courier Mail.

    "He didn't mention anything to me about the leave, so maybe it was a quick decision to go to India."

    Police yesterday successfully sought from a magistrate the right to question Haneef for another day without laying charges.

    However, Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty said last night that Haneef "may have done nothing wrong and may at the end of the day be free to go."

    A spokeswoman for North Cheshire Hospitals in the UK said that both Haneef and a doctor arrested in Liverpool, north-west England, had both worked at the same hospital near that city.

    Haneef worked there until 2005, she said.

    In all, six doctors and two others have been arrested over the attempted bombings in London and Glasgow.

    Another foreign doctor from the same Gold Coast hospital as Haneef has also been questioned, but Keelty there were no allegations against the man.

    The Indian national has been employed at the hospital as a junior doctor on a temporary visa since last September.

    He had been hired by the Queensland government from Liverpool under a much-hyped overseas recruitment drive.

    Haneef was arrested after a tip-off from British authorities, and Keelty stressed the AFP was acting on their behalf.

    The federal and Queensland governments have ruled out a terror threat against Australia in connection with the latest developments.

    Britain remains on maximum alert.

  3. If they've managed to infiltrate hospitals, how long would it have been / how long WILL it be, until biological warfare is introduced and a large number of people could be seriously injured/killed in a major hospital.

    Also, they're in the NHS, what about the Police/Customs/Armed Forces?
  4. Hobbit where does it say in any publication that he is allegedly responsible for multiple deaths. His crime at th moment is that he appears to be an associate of the people under arrest and the Police may hold evidence that he is also involved in the attempted murder of people at Glasgow and London. Not really as you state is it.

  5. Nutty, there was a different case about a year ago of a Dr done for malpractice in Oz, my recollection was he was an Indian Hindu and just incompetant rather than pathological.
  6. That is the thing about terrorists, they can and do like spies get everywhere. On the other hand there were plenty of left footer paddies in the forces during the NI troubles and no one got that upset about it.
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Ah, Glad you asked- We have a cunning, foolproof plan:

    On the questionnaire used to gain security clearance, question 15 reads:

    Have you ever been involved in:

    a) espionage? Yes/No
    b) terrorism? Yes/No
    c) sabotage? Yes/No

    If the unsuspecting terrorist blokey geezer forgets to keep it quiet and ticks a yes box, then completes the rest of the form (which includes his name & address) signs it & dates it and sends it in, we've got 'em bang to rights.

    What could possibly go wrong?
  9. Former patient brands Dr Patel 'psychopath'
    June 19, 2005 - 8:15PM

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    A former US patient who successfully sued Dr Jayant Patel over botched colon surgery performed in Oregon has labelled the surgeon a psychopath.

    John Dulley went into surgery to have his colon fixed and ended up with his urethra severed and humiliating consequences, according to an interview on the Nine Network's 60 Minutes program.

    Mr Dulley said he was meant to have two operations, but instead had five in order to repair the damage caused by Dr Patel, who has been linked with 87 deaths at Bundaberg Base Hospital.

    "They had to rearrange my testicles to take skin off to fix the urethra and it left me impotent," Mr Dulley said.

    Asked what sort of person could be responsible for such a botched operation, Mr Dulley said: "It appears in retrospect that he was a sociopath and when he went to your country, based on the records that I've seen, he became a psychopath."

    A commission of inquiry set up to investigate the Indian-trained surgeon dubbed Dr Death is due to start public hearings in Bundaberg tomorrow and many of his former patients are expected to testify.

    AdvertisementDr Patel, a US citizen, came to Bundaberg in 2003 after he was found guilty of gross negligence in the US and his right to practise there was restricted.

    In 1998, US authorities investigated 79 of his cases, including three deaths.

    Oregon Medical Association associate executive director Jim Kronenburg told 60 Minutes he was shocked by the havoc Dr Patel wrought, citing the case of a clamp that was left in the stomach of one patient that was operated on.

    "Many of these things are not an issue of competence or judgment - they are just wrong," he said.

    "They are things that no physician in my long experience would even contemplate doing. I mean they are just crazy."

    The commission of inquiry, headed by Tony Morris QC, has recommended the immediate extradition of Dr Patel to face several charges including murder and fraud.

    He fled Australia on April 1 and was believed to be in Portland, Oregon, where he owns a home and where his wife, also a doctor, still works.

    A month ago, 60 Minutes hired a former FBI agent to track down Dr Patel. The agent said Dr Patel had emerged from the family home on June 6 to buy videos and milk and he was seen in the backyard of his home on June 10.
  10. Can you clarify if you mean Anti-Christian or Anti-Work? 'Cos I'd need to tick yes to the three,

    I've spied on the girles, terrorised my secretary and sabotaged the colour printer, twice.
  11. Any chance of keeping this in perspective? Doctors are just people and some of them will inevitably be sucked into terrorist organisations. It doesn't follow that all Moslem doctors are now terrorists until proven otherwise, in the same way that all doctors are not murderers because Shipman was one.

    I, for one, will never understand how people with the intelligence to become doctors in the first place can ever be religious, but they often are.
  12. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Unless that was their ulterior motive, and they were extremists before they became Doctors, and only passed out from medical school in order to promote their hidden agenda?! :roll:
  13. There is always the thought that thay are SELF radicalised, they see the system and think in needs changing.

    The question 15 on the veting form asks if you have ever been involved in eithe overthrowing or destablising a democratically electived government. HMMMM, Borneo, Aden, Muscat, Oman, and they happen to be Muslim nations....... Just thought I would throw that one into the ring for some of us Old Guys to think about!


    Bido erg sum
  14. Nicknamed "Dr Death" and many of his ex patients are to testify - not very good then was he? hardly lived up to his nickname!
  15. Don't worry the answer is simple. Intelligent people become religious because we are intelligent!! :angel8:
  16. The original con! There isn't always an answer and the reason for so-called faith is fear.
  17. Why is is that no matter what the topic of the original post the subject always seems to end up with aethiests knocking those of us with faith?

    Personally I can take it, but after a while it does get a bit boring.

    An earlier poster worried about Muslims in the Armed Forces. I don't think his problem is with their faith as there were plenty of RC's in our military during the Troubles (and aethiests during WW2! ;) ). If your problem is their skin colour then at least be honest with us, and yourself.
  18. Mr Dulley said he was meant to have two operations, but instead had five in order to repair the damage caused by Dr Patel, who has been linked with 87 deaths at Bundaberg Base Hospital.

    Some lived to tell the tale but the details of the deaths in the many reports are dreadful . He got into a top position because of a failure to check his record properly which is the point again , a need to thoroughly check anyone considered for positions of trust or where life and health is involved.
  19. So you think Shipman and Islamo-fascism are the same? (Your second paragraph at least acknowledges that you don't know what you are talking about :) )
  20. The plot thickens;

    Muslim extremists target Sydney youth
    Thursday Jul 5 05:00 AEST
    By ninemsn staff

    Muslim extremists promoting the teachings of Osama bin Laden are targeting young professionals at a weekend recruitment drive in Sydney.
    Hardline clerics will meet at the Islam Mercy to the Worlds Conference to speak in support of bin Laden's conservative brand of Islam, Wahhabism.
    The event comes amid heightened alert to terrorist recruitment tactics, following revelations that several young doctors were involved in the attempted UK car bombings.
    Flyers for the meeting have been dropped at several cafes and restaurants frequented by young university students in Sydney's southwest, the Herald Sun reports.
    Teachings at the public event are expected to be free of controversial material, as organisers reportedly attempt to lure attendees to smaller, exclusive gatherings.
    Among the speakers at the event is firebrand Melbourne cleric Sheik Mohammed Omran, and Sheik Kamal Taleb — who has returned to Australia after 15 years in a fundamentalist Saudi Arabian seminary.
    It is believed that Sheik Taleb has returned to take the place of Sheik Feiz Mohammed, who has fled to Lebanon after outcry erupted over his hate DVDs in which he urged children to become martyrs.
    Also expected to speak is fundamentalist preacher Abdul Salam Zoud, who presided over the wedding of French terror conspirator Willie Brigitte.

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