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We are looking to recruit a team of Incident Response security officers that will be trained in firefighting techniques. This is a great opportunity to take on a challenging role where you will be expected to respond to any security or emergency incidents and deal with them accordingly. From medical emergencies, internal and external security threats, natural disasters and tackling any fires on site.

Full firefighter training will be provided including the use of breathing apparatus, firefighting PPE, equipment and techniques to deal with fire incidents. Working at heights and First aid training will also be provided.
You will be the liaison with emergency services, as well as stakeholders and clients. Responsible for associated report writing and accompanying paperwork, therefore an excellent command of English, both verbal and written is essential.

A full, clean driving license is essential. IRS Officers will be trained to handle the various response vehicles used.

For the full job description and to apply please select the link below:

Security Response Officer/Firefighter
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