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I want to get into the security industry when I leave but have been slightly confused over the ammount of courses available and as to the quality. I have been in touch with the resettlement centres and they have told me that the CTP have been aware of this and brought a company in to run all the security training for service leavers.

Anubis Associates Ltd provide the security management, close protection and security consultancy training for them. They have told me that the quality is of the highest standards but I would like some feedback for anyone who knows them or has attended the training. I am looking to book onto a course at the end of theis year or the begining of next year. :afro:


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Hi mate,

I dont know what type of ourse you are thinking of, CP, Door Supervisor or static guarding. If you let me know I may be able to point you in the right direction. I completed a CP course earlier in the year so have been through what you are going through at the moment.

PM me with details etc and I will give you the info I have.
I want to book onto a CP course at first and I want to add more qualifications as I gain experience and would then like to do a Security Consultants course.

What do you suggest?
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