Security Clerance and AT Form


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I have one all ready but it has a massive water mark on it and some of the ink as run due to the bad weather we have had while i had it in my bag.
so just asking if i can fill it out on my computer then print a new one out or just print a new one out and fill it in by hand


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You may download a Security Check questionnaire here & fill it out digitally, online.

After completing the form , DON'T PRESS PRINT & DO NOT SAVE it (or it knackers the unique random number generated) - simply go to page 19 of the form, click on the top right-hand black square to print the number of copies required. Be aware it's a 21 page document.

Don't fill out the form beyond page 19 (the AFCO does that bit as your sponsor).

Remember to sign pages 14 & 18 manually.


Lantern Swinger
thanks ninja
the reason i asked is because i don't live with my dad and it was easier to write all the information down on the one on my laptop when i went up to see him. plus the one i have also has a water stain on it.
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