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Hi All.

I'm TMU'd at the min due to weight and an asthma pump 6year ago. My CA has said he will not be starting my SC until passed medically fit. Given my three months.

I have a bit of a concern due to debt on the SC my credit score is very poor on Experian (46points of being poor).

I have a few defaults on there. Two will be completely clear in three weeks. Two I have set up a payment plan for and will take around a year to clear.

If once the SC has been started and I show proof of the two cleared and two payment plans and that the creditor is happy will my SC been granted (never had any issues with police)



Lantern Swinger
This is a question best asked at your AFCO.

I remember being asked if I had any debts when I joined, but unsure of how this would impact an application, particularly with regards to SC.

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