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In my experience, despite what DBS/NSV claim, SC takes nearer 6 to 8 weeks on average.

Assuming the basic checks are completed your sponsor (AFCO) can request an SC waiver usually.
It's putting me in a difficult position as I have a letter from AIB telling me not terminate my current employment until I have my security clearance, yet my work requires a months notice before I leave.


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Assuming you've logged in to the NSV website to check your SC status and it is not complete, then you've presumably still got at least another two or three weeks until you need submit notice to quit.

If you've no murky past, no criminal convictions, no financial issues & no previous membership of any "subversive" political activist group, then there shouldn't be an issue with your SC.


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I know of someone who had to wait 18 months and 3 attempts to get SC through. Nothing dodgy on her side but the system failed. She was not allowed through the gate until cleared and then had to wait for next available course.
If I don't give my employer the notice agreed in my contract they can take legal action against me. This usually involves them sending me a bill for my wage for however many weeks.

I've been doing this application process for over a year now, one has to ask why is security clearance left to such a late stage in the process.


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I just completed my secuirty clearance too. My AFCO told me it should be between 1 and 2 months. Any longer than that and they'd step in to speed up the process.


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Im guessing the worse case senario is the SC comes through too late for you to hand in your notice and you rush to the CA and say "FFS what is going on I cant resign now I have to give 4 weeks notice " He says "OK well I have to get you in at a later date then let me make some enquiries"

Silly question, do you get on with your employer? Can you explain the situation to them? Can they help out and be a bit flexible? Or are they governement of local council where everything thing is "NO"?
They probably do the SC after the rest of the process as it's much more expensive than the fitness test etc; wasteful if you might then fail one of those cheaper elements. My friend last year went through on a waiver as her clearance hadn't cleared in time, might have been a one off and not a guarantee for everyone but I am sure it will clear in time anyway. If you are proper worried then perhaps have a word with your CA? They can't hurry it through of course but can assure you of what (if anything) is in place for those who don't get clearance in time.
My employer is a small company and I have a lot of responsibility, so there needs to be a longish notice period to allow for a change over and if they find someone to replace me, they're going to pick them and not keep me when my long term goal is to leave. It's not really an issue of getting on with them, it's just an issue of good business; you can't have a manager saying they're going to go, then they aren't going to go.

I have spoken to my sponsor about it since beginning this thread and it's not a lot to be worried about to be honest, there are a lot of people on the same entry as me who are in exactly the same boat. I think I'm just going to have to take the risk and quit my job.

It's an irritating place to be as I want to celebrate passing my AIB and getting into BRNC, but it doesn't feel like it's official yet!

If it says 'completed' that means security clearance is granted correct? I have one of my friends convincing me that it means they've just got all the information they need to make a decision. However I think he may be paranoid.

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