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So I have my date for raleigh I start in 3 weeks but still don't have security clearance.what does this mean I am a re-entry and have a certificate to say I have been accepted for naval training but am really worried now about how close it is and still no security clearance!

Any advice please?


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An interesting conundrum. Since the inception of the new, super-duper online security questionnaire, Security Clearance is taking longer than ever to process - some of my candidates have been waiting since March & are still not cleared.

In most cases, we don't routinely bother telling the individual when security clearance is granted as it isn't usually an issue or a waiver can be granted.

Re-entrants must usually be rejoining less than 12 months after leaving for Security Clearance to remain valid. Otherwise full security clearance is required prior to an entry date being allocated, according to the Book of reference, volume 3, Chapter 12 articles 1236 & 1237:, also Chapter 7 article 0705:

If in doubt, call your AFCO.
The thing that's confussed me is I left raleigh three years ago and have beem allocated a date of november 6th but the way I read it is I can't get a date until I have security clearance! Very confusing the afco won't give me train tickets untill it comes through. I have completed two security clearance forms since I started the recruiting process but still don't know if it has been granted. It would just be really annoying if it doesn't come through and I can't go.
Thanks :)
So I called the afco this morning and I have been given a waiver and will get my tickets this week! What does a waiver mean? And what happens if my clearance still doesn't come through?
So I called the afco this morning and I have been given a waiver and will get my tickets this week! What does a waiver mean? And what happens if my clearance still doesn't come through?
A Waiver means exactly what it means, your AFCO advisor/recruiter will meet you at the railway station and waiver you off when the train departs. As an aside if AFCO have been informed that you have been given a waiver, Raleigh will also have been informed.


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So I called the afco this morning and I have been given a waiver and will get my tickets this week! What does a waiver mean? And what happens if my clearance still doesn't come through?
A waiver can be applied, on risk, by the Defence Vetting Agency/ National Security Vetting/ Defence Business Services (or whatever they're calling themselves this week) if the basic checks have been satisfactorily completed. This usually means you can complete Initial Naval Training, as there's nothing classified above Restricted.

If full Security Clearance is not finally granted (unusual if the Basic Check is completed properly) then the individual could be dismissed as it's a condition of service.

In short, if you're plotting to overthrow governments, conspiring to commit a terrorist act, are an extreme political activist, have a pending court appearance or have stopped paying debts, then "There maybe trouble ahead..." Otherwise, it shouldn't be a problem.
Just to add, I tried doing my e-form on the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer 9 and the form said it was loading and wouldn't. Swapped to the normal 32-bit and it worked fine.
Chris, similar story for some of those who are starting at Dartmouth in (eek 6 days!) time...

Apparently the online system isn't exactly brilliant - I received a security waiver a couple weeks ago after calling them up (as had been told it would be sent to me, but hadn't heard anything) and it was sorted. Fortunately, if you keep communicative with your AFCO/AIB etc. then helpful lot that they are they'll tend to sort something for you if it's nothing omitted on your part.

That said, I did my security clearance online recently - don't use firefox to do it... you'll lose the lot and have to reenter it all on a different browser if you have the slightest different-from-normal configuration. I would recommend your bog standard IE.


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Tips for completing the online SC application;

Online Application for National Security Vetting

Prior to following the link in the activation email be aware busy internet times can affect the ability to download the form.

Several considerations – attempt to complete it during an off peak period (early morning/late at night), consider connecting direct to your router by ethernet cable rather than wi-fi,

You ideally need Internet Explorer 7 or above and Adobe Reader v 9 or above. Some browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox etc. may not be fully compatible, but most seem to work.

To fix functionality in Google Chrome:
  • Ensure Adobe pdf reader is installed.
  • Open a fresh Chrome window.
  • In the address field type “about:plugins” without the quotes.
  • In the subsequent menu ensure Adobe Reader Plugin is enabled (if it is not it will be greyed out)
  • Then ensure the Chrome pdf viewer is disabled this should happen by default when Adobe is enabled but probably as well to check.
  • Restart browser. E-form should be fully functional on logging in again.
The ‘BAD REQUEST- Invalid Header. HTTP Error 400’ is caused by a problem with the Firefox browser.
This error is displayed when the subject tries to save or submit. The data is lost.To fix functionality in Firefox:
The request has an invalid header name.
  • Open Firefox browser, make sure only one instance of the browser is open.
  • In address field type in “about:config” and press enter.
  • You will see a dialogue box with the words "Here Be Dragons!"
  • Confirm that you want to open configuration screen.
  • In a filter field type in “network.http.sendRefererHeader”.
  • Double click on the “network.http.sendRefererHeader” item to change value, change value to “0” and confirm by clicking “OK”
  • Close the browser and open it again.
For the record, MACS are currently not supported. The recommended set up is Windows PC, Internet Explorer 6 or Above, Adober Reader 9 or Above.

You will receive an email, similar to this:

Activation email said:
An account has been created for you on the Defence Vetting Agency portal by your sponsor. This will allow you to submit and view the status of your on-line application for National Security Vetting.

Please click on the link below or copy it to your browser to use this service.
Please ensure you only use the above link once as this is ONLY for activation of your account

Create account: Make a Username. Your password must include 9 upper/lower case letters, a number & another keyboard symbol.

Activation page is case sensitive

Enter Town of Birth (on Birth certificate), if British - Country of Birth is: UK

Next screen:
home screen said:
You are requested to complete a questionaire in order to receive SC service. This service has been requested by AFCO Wherever

Your application's status is:
Waiting for subject actions

ATTENTION – Postcode lookup feature

This security questionnaire includes a 'Fetch Address' feature for automatic lookup of UK addresses from an entered postcode. If you wish to use this service then you will be required to grant permission for your PC to access it as per the instructions here

Please complete the form(s) below:
SC Not started

Click here for DVA complaints procedure
To proceed, click SC (it stands for security clearance).
Next screen - (click on thumbnail below)

Work your way down grey buttons on the left side of the screen, starting with Vetting Statement. If you wish to exit the form & come back to it – remember to click “save”, bottom left button.

When re-visiting the portal make sure you're clicking on "
SC In Progress" rather than on the individual sections as they will not load individually.

Vetting statement – Check box, I have read & accept Statement of HM Government Vetting Policy at foot of page.

Details – complete first page, click bottom right “Next” button (4 pages)

Current Grade/Rank/Position: Put NA (Not Applicable)
Job Title: Put NK (if Not Known- don’t use hyphens, brackets etc if you know job title)
Staff or Service Number: NK or previous service number if re-entry

Remember to add month/year of birth next to Nationality if you’ve always had the same nationality

Click “Check for Errors” bottom left of screen

Once each section is completed, you will see the green tick next to each completed & saved section.

Address – once each is completed, using ‘fetch’, highlight & save. Last full 5 years addresses required without gaps.

Click “Check for Errors” bottom left of screen

Once each section is completed, you will see the green tick next to each completed & saved section – repeat for each section.

Parents – Both parents, last full 5 years addresses. Dates of birth required. If parents separated, both addresses required. If not in contact with one or both, Tick box if the details for this parent are
not fully known then click onAdd additional informationlink, add clarifying statement, eg: “No contact natural Father since parents divorce in 19**”.

HM Forces Employment - Dates of service: exact dates from/to, Rank, service & service number required including reserve forces

Employment & Supervisors – 5 years of employment history – all red asterisk fields must be completed. Supervisors applies to any military or government jobs in last 5 years.

Criminal Convictions- You must declare unspent AND spent convictions, this means ANY offence in ANY country(excluding parking and speeding, but including all other motoring offences even where a spot fine has been administered by the police)

Security Information – Straightforward – remember any political motivated demonstration which may have resulted in arrest, is included under this section.

Other Information – Just enter honest answers, remember financial checks are carried-out.

Financial History - Again, just enter honest answers, remember financial checks are carried-out.

Declaration – Read it, then check box – “I have read and accept the Declaration”

Click “Check for Errors” bottom left of screen

Once entire form is completed, you will see the green tick next to each completed section – don’t exit before clicking “submit”

Online Security Clearance form - Page 6
Also worth mentioning when creating the account, you need the character-perfect (including case) same entry of name, birthplace, dob that your "sponsor" put in... so if you have several middle names/tricky birthtown etc. this can be a bit of a bugger.

Again, give it a couple of tries and then give them a call (the example email NS posted above will have contact address/number attached); I found the staff at NSV very helpful, couple questions later then they can guide you to typing it in exactly the same!

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