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Hey, sorry about all the questions at the moment..

I Am waiting for my security clearance forms to come in the post and I know one of the questions will be "have you ever had any criminal offences, cautions, reprimands or warnings." My problem is I can't honestly remember if I have had any warnings when I was younger. I am about 99.8 % sure that I haven't. The only thing I can think of is once when I was 13/14 and th police caught me and 2 friends in a building that was getting rebuilt. He talked to us but I can't remember if he said it was a warning or if he was just giving us a bollocking for being in the building. I remember nothing ever happened after he talked to us. I.e he never said we were getting charged and he never said anything to our parents. I don't know if that is a warning?

Is there anyway I can find out if it was a warning or what it was? And when I get my form to tick yes or no on what would I tick? I don't want to tick the wrong thing. I don't want to tick no and find out that I did have something and my application be binned but I don't want to tick yes and have the whole thing delayed for no reason.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks kal
You're alright mate, unless you were taken back to a police station and made to sign a warning then nothing would hvae happend. The police officer may have taken your details for future reference but these would not have gone onto the pnc. And if I am correct a formal warning stays on your record for 5 years, so it should not be there at all by now if at all. I doubt you will have any trouble.

Of course this is just my opinion. I work as a "civil servant" and have some experience with this sort of thing. If the offence took place pre-PACE then the copper probably just gave you a ticking off and forgot about it.

I would not want you to get you app rejected but at the end of the day you sign a disclaimer "To the best of you knowledge" so it could be easily forgotten.

SM or NS might have some advice about this.


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Sounds like it was an informal warning which need not be disclosed.

If the DVA think differently they will write direct & ask "Erm, have you forgotten to mention something?" (or words to that effect.)

For those yet to submit a security questionnaire, the advice is disclose everything apart from parking tickets & speeding fines (which did not result in a ban).


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I presume it is ok just to tick no then? In the case if anythin does turn up than just tell everythin that happened.

Thanks kal
Best of luck Kal, I hope it all goes well for you. By the way, your grammar and spelling etc is a heck of a lot better than it was when you first joined the sight (boom boom, couldnt resist) :)
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