Security Clearance

Probably a question for Ninja Stoker direct, but I don't know if anybody else will find it useful... How long is security clearance taking these days? Is there any fast track process for those that are about to start Raleigh/BRNC/CTCRM to ensure they can start at the right time? Is there any provision in place for newbies to commence training without security clearance?




give the DVA (Defence Vetting Agency) a bell on 01904-662644

- explain the situation, see how you go. The contact centre have always been pretty helpful in my experience.


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Currently it takes about 6-8 weeks to gain security clearance assuming the form has been 100% completed correctly (Often not the case!).

There was a bit of a backlog in April, but I understand the DVA are getting back on track.

There is a procedure for "fast-track" clearance however that has to be for exceptional circumstances & is not a service offered just because someone wants an earlier entry date.

Generally speaking DNR can offer a waiver as long as certain checks have been successfully undertaken by DVA and these are usually granted a week or two before your provisional entry date, not any earlier. You most certainly would be ill-advised to assume this will automatically happen.

The moral to the story is to get your completed Security Questionnaire fully completed, checked by the AFCO staff & submitted as early as possible. Because SC costs so much, the AFCO will seldom submit them before they are fairly certain you have passed all aspects of the selection process.

It's worth bearing in mind that being in possession of a valid passport is a help to the AFCO in completing the verified identity part of your form & submitting it. The other thing you should be aware of is that the form cannot be submitted until the AFCO is in receipt of two favourable references. If in doubt, check your nominated referees have completed & returned the reference proforma.