Security Clearance Questions re current employment

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Scuba Boris, Aug 2, 2012.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I have just passed my AIB and I have been sent the link to the DBS NVS and have started to complete the required fields. I have not yet told my current employer that I have been applying to the Navy as until I get a date for BRNC I have been told nothing is guaranteed.

    On the employment details my current employer has been so for the last 6 years so I only have to enter the one company, but my current supervisor has only been my supervisor for the last 8 months. Why do they need to know my current supervisor?? If they are going to contact them for a reference, how detailed is the reference and what does it cover as my company has a policy to only issue standard responses on a set company proforma. I was under the impression that my AFCO had already obtained two satisfactory references earlier in my application.

    Any help, suggestions, and standard pee taking always appreciated!!
  2. Don't worry about it. They'll do as they're told when the vetting agency comes a knocking, and won't hinder your application.
  3. Why not PM Rumrat and put him down as your supervisor. He'll knock you out a reference ( for a modest fee) that will ensure you join up as a direct entry llieutenant.
  4. Isn't that very illegal?? What questions do they ask on the reference requests?
  5. Of course it's not illegal, generally they ask in what capacity do you know him, how long for, can he understand the mixy blob rules, etc etc. just tell them, that you invented the RB211 engine for Rolls Royce on the back of a fag packet, whilst using the heads in Devonport Dockyard during a school visit etc. Better still you could get a second referee from Mr Finknottle, I'm certain that would swing things in your favour.
  6. I'll write you a reference for a bottle of rum

    In seriousness, I found that most
    employers are supportive if you say you're leaving to do something worthwhile like join the navy.

    Personally, I'd recommend taking to your supervisor and saying you're thinking about joining the navy and would they be supportive
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  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The background checks by DBS, NSV or whatever they are calling themselves this week do not involve any direct communication with your employer.

    The initial basic check verification by your AFCO involves letters being sent to your nominated referees for proof of ID & character. Neither the AFCO or NSV will contact your employer direct unless you nominated them as referees.
  8. Would they not be a bit funny when they find out I've been going through the process for 9 months??

    Does the .SC reference ask about sickness etc
  9. Cheers ninja stoker, why do they ask for the details of my latest supervisor then??
  10. Yes I can guess but that still doesn't answer the question of why they need my latest supervisor details if they aren't going to contact him. Especially important as he hasn't a clue I intend to leave!!!
  11. Like NS said they generally do not approach your employer directly. That is not to say they can't (I know of one person who was rather thoroughly interviewed during the generally contact-less SC process but that was because of family backgrounds.

    Is your name 'sicknote' at work? Because it is now Sicknote.
  12. If i were you mate i would just tell your work you are intending on joining the Navy, its not as if they are going to fire you there and then. Also your supervisor will be aware that not everyone sticks to the same job their whole life and what better job to be leaving for than to go and fight for Queen and Country.

    I just filled out my Security Form last month but my work and manager all know that i am joining and they are all supportive, my manager and director have both filled out references for me. My manager's mate is a CPO on Dauntless so he knows the Navy is a great step forward.
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  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    We write to nominated referees to confirm such things as identity, reliability, trustworthiness, punctuality, honesty etc., as evidence to justify the selection decision. We don't specifically ask if your nickname is "sicknote" but we ask employers & schools/colleges to simply be honest. Most are. Brutally in fact.

    The SC checks conducted by NSV do not involve direct contact with your employer, but you know the bloke wearing sunglasses by the drinks machine......?

    There is categorically no requirement to notify your employer before you submit notice to quit.
  14. Surely the whole point is moot. You either (a)complete the form with the information required and allow the background checkers to their thing, thereby allowing you the opportunity to pass 'Go' and collect your RMB1993.70 (I'm in China at the moment) or (b)don't complete the form and remain in your current job. Phaffing around asking questions about processes over which you have no influence will not save you any heart beats, nor assist your entry into the RN.

    Fill out the form, move on and stop being such a (young) old woman.

    You give me money now......I help you rots.
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  15. Are the 2 nominated people contacted then? I put my uni tutor and last boss as they are the most relevant i suppose- but they are both notoriously slow at completing tasks and doing things. If they take too long do you get contacted again asking for different referees? Reckon this is what has made my application be in progress for bare time
  16. My previous employer was shocking, and didn't bother sending a reference, even though they said they would, I had a really good reference from my high school/college head teacher and so they just went with one reference, they didn't bother waiting for the second, and my security clearance was passed within the week :)
  17. Where I was working when I left ,where awful when they found out, I told them at the interview I was in the process of applying and they glossed over it but when I passed my AIB and Medical and it was looking likley I would leave the boss just went nasty. Im convinced they wanted me to leave to get someone new in as soon a spossible but obviously could'nt fire me, long term it isnt going to affect you but id be careful about letting bosses know untill its certain. Had I not been given a place at Dartmouth I could not have stayed at that job because of the s**t they had me doing. In the end I got my date and filed a greivance towards the manager which was upheld and I got the 2 months while it was fully investigated off paid and quit on the day of the resolution so all is well that ends well!
  18. I sincerly hope the OP doesn't fanny about if they join. Questioning every single thing will piss many folk off. Be decisive, positive, stop questioning everything and just fill in the effing form. That is if your serious about a career in the RN.

    To me, if your being so secretive about who knows what your doing, re your supervisor, maybe you have somethinbg to hide? You have already eluded to sickness - bit of a 'sickie' are we?
  19. My tutor has slinged his hook to america for the summer even though he said he would be about for ref's and my old boss says he hasn't recieved anything even though it was submitted a month ago. People these days!
  20. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    A few tips reference referees:

    Always ask first
    Don't nominate someone who may not like you
    Emphasise how important an early response is to you
    Don't nominate someone you know to be unreliable
    Don't nominate anyone related to you biologically or emotionally, even if you work for them
    If you don't want us to write to your employer, don't nominate them
    Once you know the references have been sent, forewarn the referee and prompt them to reply

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